freaks-freak out

My mother in law is gone!

{insert me running around in circles around my family here}

I feel bad now.

She was a big help and I miss her so much and I am so glad she was here…but I was so sick of her and Howard fighting, lol. Also, she HATED when we play fought. Which we constantly pretended to bitch at each other to get a rise out of her. {it has such become a ritual in our house to freak my MIL out, haha}

Speaking of freaks…

This morning our next door neighbor rings the doorbell before 9am.

No, not THAT one. The other one, the rude one who NEVER says hi or smiles at us when we wave or say hello. I mean, those people NEVER talk to us.

Anyway, he rang our doorbell to ask if the boxes and one trash bag that was in the back of my brother in laws truck is trash, if so he would put it out to the curb for us because the maintaince people for the apartment complex would be around any minute to do Monday morning trash pickup.

mmkay. whatever. I thank him for his consideration and close the door. I tell Howard who it was and he goes outside, perplexed, OBVIOUSLY.

Then the neighbor kept him outside for 30 minutes. He was drunk as hell and preaching to him. Saying things like…

“I fuc*ing hate civillians {he was in the National Guard for oh about 10 seconds} they’re fat and lazy”
“I’m gonna come get your a$$ out of bed in the morning and you’re gonna go runnin with me!”
“Come on, mother fu*ker, let’s box”

I mean, this guy was freakin psycho. And when we went to leave 2 hours later he pushed Howard into the door to look INSIDE our house and was talking to Kenzie and Maddie with like NO clothes on. A grown ass man, wearing boxers in the middle of the day OUTSIDE talking to a 6 year old and a 1 year old. Skanky.Nasty.Ick.

I pulled my kids away from him and put them in the car. I cannot wait to move.



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