$1800 peice of paper

*sigh* man has today been a long day.

I waited all day for it to be over and come up on the computer and now I can’t seem to get my legs to go up the stairs. Howard was gone all day, in classes and dealing with the van.

The van.


When we bought it almost 2 years ago we purchased a warranty with it. An expensive warranty at that. Now that things are going wrong with it, and we firmly have a good amount of money in the bank we decided to take it to the dealership and pay the deductible ($100 is what we have on our paperwork) and get it fixed, YAY! haha, not.

-The dealership does not pay for first day rental, so that’s on us
-They dealership has to CHARGE us per diagnostic test they do on it to see if anything’s actually WRONG with it {umm, dur, we are bringing it to you, ya know?!}
-THEN if they DO find something wrong with it THEN we have to pay the additional deductible. Nice.

Yes, we were right, all of the issues we knew was wrong…are wrong. Says $180 worth of diagnostic tests and a $30 rental car. But guess what?! None of it is covered on the warranty. Exsqueese me? Baking powder? We purchased the biggest extended warranty Chrysler has to offer! Well, they see our paperwork and receipts for the amount of the big warranty, but in the computer it says we purchased a smaller one. Can someone fix it? No. They didn’t itemize the EXACT warranty on our receipt. So, basically we bought an $1800 receipt! JOY!

Luckily, we know everything with absolute certainty what is wrong with the van and the parts that we need. Howard has already priced it and it’s not THAT bad. Oh it’s bad, don’t get me wrong, but it’s not ulcer worthy.

I am so utterly tired.



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