Another doozie

Today was another killer.

Howard was gone all morning with appointments, ect. The kids were restless. Kenzie wants to go back to school, Maddie wants her daddy and DESPERATELY wants those teeth to come through so the fussiness will stop…oh wait…Mommy wants that too. ARG.

My parents are sick, so I had no break the past few days. What I wouldn’t give for an hour of quiet. Howard could come to, if he’s silent, haha. Kenzie goes back to school tomorrow, thank the Lord! She does have a school project due on Friday that we haven’t started yet. {Mom of the year award, right here!}

Kenzie has been quite the drama queen the past few days. She is very dramatic, and totally teenie-bopperish. Sassy, demanding, and all around cocky!  Maddie is just so fussy. She hates that her schedule is all loopy and that her daddy isn’t home all the time anymore and that her mouth hurts. She’s developed a runny nose {chill mom, what’s a few tissues}, which scares me considering what we went through last month.  {Between those two…I now know why some animals in the wild eat their young, haha, joking…kinda}

And I’ve just been so…lethargic all day. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve done the cleaning and taking care of kid thing all day,  but I am just so tired and all I want to do is lay down. I feel like I’m getting the flu or something. I’m just so exhausted and worn out. I hope I get out of this funk once Kenzie goes back to school. {Lord help me in the summer time}.

We have so much to do before the move, and Howards schedule is so busy with classes and appointments and job stuff…and all the stuff we need to do together, involves both of us, of course. And he is so stressed out, which doesn’t help. Speaking of all of that, I think Howard found a job. Working for a really good prefab company that my mom worked for my entire childhood. He starts at the beginning of March if all goes as planned.

Speaking of that, we’re getting our eyes checked tomorrow. It dawned on us that my license will expire in less then a week and I can’t see out of my glasses well enough to pass an eye exam. So, we’re doing that tomorrow, Maddie in tow…that’ll be a trip.



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