No sleep

Last night Maddie woke up at 3:30 wanting to eat and cuddle. That was kinda nice, I’ll admit. I got to feed her and cuddle her for an hour with no crying and no nonsense.

Then she slept in, when I had to get up and get Kenzie ready. {Figures}

Anyway, an hour and a half later after she usually wakes up…she woke up and we were in the car ALL DAY! Running errands with Howard and my mom. We got our eyes checked and man did I get an ass chewing. My eyes are TERRIBLE and she’s very concerned about my peripheral vision.  I need new glasses ASAP! Unfortunately, we didn’t have time to look at them…so hopefully this weekend.

Maddie didn’t want to take naps today, at all. She did, barely, but man did I need a break. I have just been so irritable the past few days. So exhausted and worn out. I know that the time of the month is coming around, I just wish it would come and go already lol. Some days I hate being a woman.

And now Maddie keeps waking up and going back to sleep. Lordy loo.


Oh and guess what? Mom’s better. She’s keeping the kids during the day this weekend! SCORE!


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  1. Monique on

    Caesar has been a little cuddly too these days, which helps. 🙂 I’m glad your mom is better, and good luck with the glasses, I need some new ones too. 😐

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