Bubba, the AC specialist haha!

I honestly don’t remember if I posted the details about Howard’s new job. And if I did, I’m doing it again 🙂

So, he’s going to be working nights from 7pm ’til…whenever. Oiling machinery. He’s working at a site that makes pre fab concrete supports for buildings, roads, ect. My mom worked there for about 10 years. These people remember my mom, and have nothing but love for her {she was sane then}. They also all still remember me as the {and I quote} “adorable little songbird that could light up the darkest night” {awww}.

Howard went there today to get his paperwork for the physical, ect. While he did that, I waited in the car and had the people from my childhood come and see me and Maddie. They fawned over her, and wistfully looked at me. All of them asking if I still sing. {nope}

While Howard was in his physical, he texted me saying that the doctor was going to kick him out of there from indecent exposure. Instead of a gown that they give women, they gave him some paper shorts to put on. They were huge, with no way to hold them on, except by hand, but when he sat down…lets just say he made a vent and put in his own air conditioning system. Nice.

Tonight we had to do a school project that we’ve known about for a week. {oops}. It was Mackenzie’s 100th day of school and she had to make an object using a 100 of SOMETHING. So, we colored noodles {yeah they came out discolored and strange} and made a wind chime. It was cute enough, more original then anything else in her class, that’s for sure. She was happy with it, so score! Remind me never to try and make purple noodles again, k?



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