Wife points

Today was mostly spent outside, helping Howard.

He had work to do on the van, some mumbo jumbo that I am not repeating, because I’ll fu*k it up. Anyway, I helped…believe it or not, lol. When Maddie was sleeping, I was sitting right next to him helping. Go me! Score some wife points! haha! We literally did that all day.

Then, this evening we took kiddo {Mackenzie} to my moms for the night. We then did a little running around and went to have dinner. Which was going to be Olive Garden, but my brain flew away for a few minutes and I remembered it was 7pm on a Saturday night. Not.

Instead we went to Dennys and ate hashbrowns and pancakes. Happy Birthday to me! Score! Oh and my mom gave me my birthday present…Rachael Ray cook book…yay!!!

And now we’re home and we should be packing. SHOULD being the operative word. 🙂


PS I think Maddie’s sleeping habits are back to normal…yay!


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