through the looking glass

I almost forgot to pick up our glasses yesterday. They were supposed to be ready at 2. I got there at 4:30 and they were still working on them. So great, a quick trip to the mall alone with both kids turned out to be an hour long trip to the mall, ARRG! Anyway, I have my glasses, I fell drunk and dizzy. Man my eyes are terrible. I look so freakin weird. Even Maddie thinks so.

Then after that lovely trip, I had to go to the grocery store and get peas. I made Chicken Fried Steak for dinner and discovered that Maddie loves peas. That was yesterday. I almost lost it several times that day. I just felt so crappy! Maddie didn’t sleep, I didn’t sleep…I didn’t want to do anything! Ugh, birthdays.

Anyway, today hasn’t been AS bad! Howard’s been gone all day and I miss him. I’m looking forward to when he starts work, he’ll be home with me during the days. Sleeping somewhat, but still here.

I packed up some of Kenzie’s room this morning. 🙂 YAY ME! Not enough though lol. We need to get on the ball!

OHHH! I forgot to mention my OTHER birthday gift. a BLACKBERRY!!!!  {It’s pink, because I’m tickled that color. 🙂 }Yeah, I know. My husband rocks. I lurve it, and I would lurve it more if they would turn the mobile internet on! They have it on Howard’s phone instead. {he has a KRZR}

This evening Howard will be gone, hopefully it’s not as tough on the girls as it has been when he goes to the night classes.



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