Paint by numbers

This morning was very low key. Calm. Eerie. I loved it.

Howard came home at noon and we left to exchange some stuff and go get paint!  We had some paint conflicts because they couldn’t color match the shade we wanted. So then I threw the huge sign above the ladies head in her face. “We can match ANY color” Yeah, my left pinkie toe. Anyway, we found someone to do it and it was cheaper then what we had planned, so it’s all good.

Finally got the keys to the new place and got to see it for the first time! Yeah, we love it. Some design challenges, no doubt. There is a lot less cabinets and storage space in this unit then our current. That’s a little scary but it’ll be a new adventure. The current color in the office is GORGEOUS! It’s a really pretty deep denim blue that we’re keeping. The girls rooms are horrid.

Maddie’s room looks like someone urinated and created a paint color and painted the room with it. I mean, I gagged. It will be a very dusky rose color. Very french country.

Kenzie’s room was a light lime green. Cute, at a distance. But walk in there. Ick. It will be a aqua blue-green to match her new bedding. Her new room will be very…sweet tartish as far as colors go. I love them.

And the living room, dining, kitchen, hallway and the master will be this GORGEOUS ‘bitter arugula'{that’s the name of the paint} It looks like a dark sage with more gray and blue in it. It’s so pretty. Nicer then I had imagined and I LOVE it! I’ll post pics when we’re done. 🙂

We spent the whole evening there and I taped off the ENTIRE HOUSE and the guys are still there painting and I brought the girls home to go to bed. When I left, one wall in the living room was painted.  They just got home and they painted the living room completely, dining and half the kitchen. YAY! I can’t wait to see it! 🙂

Tomorrow night, my mom is coming to watch the kids all afternoon and to make dinner here and we will be over there and will finish the painting, even if it takes us all night.


PS On the day of the move, there’s a 80% chance of sleet and snow. It’s been in the mid 70’s without a cloud in the sky for weeks. What the hell?!?!


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