Quick update

Since I have since given up on retrieving those lost messages and journal entries, I will try to update everyone onto what is my crazy life.

We’ve moved. And unpacked. {kinda}

Our house is semi normal. Still missing boxes. I’m telling you, this house is so much nicer with furniture in it! OMG! {Can you say Ferocia Coutura!} The house is much bigger then we thought! {Thank God for that!}. Only complaint is we don’t have a working microwave!

I’ll post pics soon!

Next is Howard started work on Wednesday. He loves the people and what he’s doing {although he’s working his ass off…literally he’s almost dropped a pant size!} BUT, he hates the hours. I hate the hours. We hate the hours. 7pm-5am. Up until he started we had spent 2 nights away since we got married. {Pathetic, I know}. I can’t sleep without him and he hates leaving me.

Needless to say, I’m not sleeping. I’m finding myself turning into my insomniac self that I once was. Very scary. I’m trying to fix it.

Kenzie has a field trip tomorrow, so I get to go hang with the other parents and play nice. {Yipee!}

Maddie’s good, cranky, teething, won’t stay still but good! Either she is trying to walk by holding our fingers and running OR she wants to be held UPSIDE DOWN! Yes, I gave birth to a bat!

So, yeah that’s about it for now. Howard and Kenzie will be home any minute and I need to go start dinner so Howard can eat before he leaves for work.

I’m super excited on the NaBloPoMo in March! And theme writing which sounds so fun! Theme: Lists! I do those, I do lists for the lists I need to make. Oh I am so cool…ha!



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