umm, no

Well, I was totally off on what I thought was strange sleeping habits.

Maddie has tonsillitis…doctor confirmed it today. The poor dear. Oh and one of her toppers popped through…so double whammy. The poor child has been in too much pain to sleep!

Now she’s on antibiotics and pain meds and she should get better soon! 🙂  I hope so! I miss my sleep so much!

Kenzie’s field trip was a blast! click HERE for the slideshow.

Howard is making big promises…he SWEARS the house will be done by the time he goes back to work Monday night. We’ll see, won’t we?

I’m going to go try to convince my diva that she needs beauty sleep…like her mother. No, scratch that, I don’t need beauty sleep…at this point I need ugly sleep, I’m way past that at this point.



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