If I could

Go buy anything right now, what would it be? Regardless of the price! I get 20 things!

  1. Chicken Strips from Jack in the Box {What, I’m hungry?!}
  2. 2 labtops
  3. My Canon *tear*
  4. 2008 Chevy Tahoe Hybrid
  5.  Clothes! I keep doing laundry and all my family has tons! I need more clothes! lol
  6. A very nice dinner and a movie {k, I know this doesn’t follow the dialect that I used previously, but hell, you get the point}
  7. Kenzie a dress {we can’t find any that we agree on and looks nice on her, I’m going to need to break out the sewing machine, and soon!!}
  8. A stress free trip to Disney World
  9. Rachael Ray Oval Sautee pan
  10. Bows for Maddie
  11. Babylegs for Maddie
  12. A cruise to take during Memorial Day weekend {Our 5th wedding Anniversary} for just Howard and I {he would never go. Can you say, Titanic?}
  13. A month long visit to Paris, Italy, New Zealand, Ireland, ect. For my family and my BFF and her family.
  14. 2008 Ford Super Duty for my hunnie
  15. Elective surgery {List is too long, hahahahahaha!}
  16. Some type of new small SUV for my mom
  17. New House for my parents
  18. Our Dream Home
  19. Life Insurance
  20. Stock in a business or product so awesome it would set up our children’s children’s children for life.



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