Name 10 things on TV that you love!

  1. Bravo-Practically every show! {Project Runway, Real Housewives, Flipping Out, Top Chef, Hey Paula!}
  2. Hereos {even though they won’t be back until September-CRAP!}
  3. CSI:NY {Gary Sinise is so sexy in a psychotic,  monotone kinda way, can you say, intense?}
  4. Jon & Kate +8 {I adore them! When she hits John, it reminds me of Howard and I. When she gets all neurotic she reminds me of me. And when I watch that woman parent…I admire the hell out of her!}
  5. The Girls Next Door {I adore Hugh Hefner, and always have. I LOVE the GND!}
  6. The Hills {So popculture/teenie bopper/staged reality but I AM SO HOOKED!}
  7. Ice Road Truckers {Awesome show! The people are nucking futs but I still love it!}
  8. The Deadliest Catch {ADORE this one!}
  9. HBO Original Series {Sex and the City, Big Love & Tell me you love me}
  10. American Idol {I love it and hate it all at once!}



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