Ferocia Coutura baby!

HELL YES! I could not be happier right now that I’ve the watched the Project Runway finale!  From the beggining I adored…

  1. Christian
  2. Jack
  3. Jillian
  4. Rami

And 3 out of the 4 made it to the final! And what a final! OMG! The pieces were amazing! And the tear coming down Victoria Beckham’s face when Christan one was PRICELESS!  And to see someone as fierce and as confident as Christan show that much vulnerability just made me love him more! EVERYONES collections was amazing!

Jillian started off the show with invigorating designs in knit and other styles. Very wearable! These were my top 2 from her collection:

I can totally see a teenie bopper hitting the mall in this. I just adore it! The jacket is so well made and the combo of the fabrics is TO DIE FOR! I love the skirt! It’s so flirty and so…Jillian!

*fanit* I LOVE this jacket! She has made many styles of it before and I gasp every time I see it! It’s breathtaking, and her model is so cute!

Rami’s beautiful draping has caught my eye from the beginning! He is so talented and his quality of work is exquisite! Here were my faves…

This whole look, from the style {which was so Japanese couture} to the fabrics he used I was entranced!

This dress! OMG! It’s beyond gorgeous! I cannot imagine how much time it took him to make this!

And finally…the gem of the evening. His speech at the beginning was totally charming, as is he. {He looked around the crowd and said, “Wow, you all look so fierce!”}

JUST GOREGOUS! I love his collection of hats as well as the clothes! All the pants he put out for his collection were so well made! I just love this jacket! It’s so beautiful and so Christian!

This dress…took.my.breath.away. WOW! Everything Christan does is so elaborate and looks so difficult but when you watch him work he makes it look effortless. I mean, he can make a couture outfit for Victoria Beckham that would put her on the best dressed list with a bolt of burlap. I adore him and what he has done with himself. This dress is beyond fierce and one of the most beautiful works of art I have ever seen. Not to mention the model who pulled this look off with her fierce look-good choice Christan!

I love this show and I couldn’t be happier with the outcome! I cannot wait to see what Christian does next!


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  2. Hooper on

    As a straight man, who doesn’t give a rat’s ass about fashion, it pains me to admit this. That dress, which could have easily ended up a hot tranny mess, is the quintessence of fierceness, ferocity and fabulocity.

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