Hello Reality!

I mean, did time just come up and bite me on the ass or WHAT?!?!

Things I forgot were coming up…

  1. Spring Break! {Teacher said as she was putting Kenzie in the car, HAVE A NICE BREAK? I’m thinking, what am I? A kit kat bar, and then it occurred to me}
  2. Daylight Savings Time {I freakin hate that they moved it up, I want to keep my hour of sleep, the bastards}
  3. Kenzie’s birthday {WOAH! She’s going to be 7 in 2 freakin weeks!}
  4. Our trip to Sea World { I cannot wait to go but we haven’t decided if we are going to do a one day trip, or a weekend trip or if we are or are not bringing Maddie}
  5. Easter {In freakin March, WTH?!?!}

Ugh, I am so out of the loop!



1 comment so far

  1. Monique on

    LMAO!! You’re telling me! I can’t believe how close everything is. Life is sneaky.

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