Response part 2

I emailed back and asked why certain pictures and videos were still off my photobucket and got this response…

We recently reviewed and updated our content moderation policies regarding
images and videos that contain children.

Our Terms of Service prohibit content that contains nudity and as such, these
images were removed.  While we understand that in a family album setting,
these images are innocent, we must remove the content because of the nudity
and believe that this restriction is in the best interest of your
children's safety.  

This policy applies to all accounts, public or private.   We ask that you keep
these images on your personal computers and not host them on

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you.  We appreciate your
patronage and hope that you will continue to make Photobucket your choice to
host your images and videos.


Your Photobucket Support Team

So I responded with:

That’s understandable, and I appreciate very much you taking the time to explain it to me. Would you mind explaining in a little more detail what you consider nudity. Because, if grown men, or children who are boys can have their tops off {from the waist up} in pictures, I don’t see why my 9 month old daughter can’t, know what I mean? That almost seems like discrimination.
Thank you.

So, once again…we’ll see. I totally understand their new rules with nudity. But, this is more then that to me. Way more. If they are going to do this to one account, they need to do it to all.  I’m sorry if that takes away someones pictures, but this is frustrating and I’m kinda feeling attacked. And yeah, I am a little sensitive right now.

Everyone keeps joking with me that I’m pregnant, hence the moodiness and sensitivity. Hell, I don’t know but I’m sick of being attacked lately!



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