Sensitivity Attack

Big time, bitch rant. Do NOT read if you are easily offended or feel like judging me. I need to get this off my chest and hopefully it will help me work through it.

I feel like I am under attack. The world is out to get me…nah not really but man people have made me an easy target lately for their shit.

-Photobucket Obviously!

-Last week a man from the cable company was outside the house, drilling into the wall that Maddie’s head is on at 7 at night. Now, Maddie didn’t have naps that day and she was trying to sleep and it was SO LOUD I COULD HEAR IT FROM THE OTHER SIDE OF THE HOUSE! So, I walked out there and asked him how long he thought this would take him. With Mackenzie by my side and Maddie screaming inside the man yelled at me, referred to me as ‘lady’, told me to shut up and that he was just doing his job and totally went hysterical with anger for me asking him a simple question. I was baffled and very offended.

-2 days ago I went into my car insurance company. Howard pulled up to the door because it was pouring so I got out and walked inside. Without a greeting the agent inside says:

“HEY, You can’t park there!”
Umm, I know but it’s raining and he was just dropping me off. {At this point Howard hadn’t moved because he was trying to get Maddie’s juice out of her diaper bag}
“Tell him to move right now! He can’t park there! If UPS or someone comes to deliver and it’s blocked I’ll get in trouble!”
Okkkkkk, then, hold on. {And I went outside and told him to move, and he did…accidently spinning the tires}
{I walk back in and notice the woman that was sitting in front of him is now sitting in the waiting area.} Without looking up {he was staring at the computer he says in a very low voice now} “So, are you having a good day, or a bad dad?”
Mm, are you talking to me?
“Yeah, YOU!”
Hasn’t been too bad, but now it seems to be taking a turn for the worse.
“Oh Jesus!” {he’s yelling again}“Everyone that comes in here seems to be having a bad fucking day!” {and chunks a stack of papers across the room}
Sounds like you’re the one having a bad day, maybe I should come back another time {I take 2 steps back}
{Backing away from the desk and getting to his feet, still yelling} “No, no, come sit down and we’ll do it now!”
I’ll come back at another time, thank you! {I turn and walk swiftly to the door} Note: this man outweighs me and is at LEAST 3 inches taller then me {I’m 6’1”}, he’s african american and I was very intimidated.
{He is coming at me, yelling and throwing another stack of papers} “HEY NO, GET BACK HERE!”

I open the door and collide with Howard, who was coming in because I forgot my cell phone. I push him out the door and when Howard realizes how scared I am and that the man was chasing after me, immediately goes postal. I tell him what happened quickly and pull him away from the door. I know Howard…this situation would not of ended plesantly. It’s my word against theirs {the woman was his fiance}. I have placed a call to the owner of the insurance agency, and still no word back.

-And now today, ugh, I don’t like talking bad about my husband but I just can’t help it. Within an hour he: Bitched at me because the house wasn’t clean {umm, yeah, folded clothes I had just done on the couch and the tile needed to be swept and we needed to vacuum, that’s about it}, and then that I cut the potatoes too big so they weren’t cooking fast enough, and then that I did HIS HOMEWORK for HIS class in the wrong context, and he could get in trouble for it. Umm, do you own God dammed homework then.

{gently release steam from my ears and let the tension slide off my shoulders}



2 comments so far

  1. Monique on

    (((((HUGS!!!!))))) I have to check my photobucket account now too, I can’t believe that they’d just remove pictures of babies, and allow some of the dirty dirty stuff I’ve seen. Buttheads.

  2. Jenna on

    Holy bad day!!!! Hope the rest of your week went a little better!

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