Future Accomplishments

There are some things I’d like to accomplish in the next…oh say, 2 years. {Hey, Rome wasn’t built in a day}

{random order, because, that’s how I do things}

  1. Go back to school
  2. Make myself and my family healthier
  3. Move {Can’t believe I said that}
  4. Participate in a marathon for March of Dimes
  5. Take my children to Disney World
  6. Find Lynn

School: I desperately want to go back. I love learning, I always loved school, I was a very cool nerd lol.

Health: I’m working on this very hard, believe it or not.

Move: We have thought long and hard about making a really big move. Like out of state move. It’s very scary and very tempting.

Marathon: I’ve always wanted to participate in one, but was never healthy enough. Now, more then ever. It would just be a wonderful release for me…and Morgan.

Disney: I have always wanted to do, as has Howard. Kenzie has been begging us for years, and more so this year.

Lynn: She’s my old music teacher. I admire that woman so much and I would love to see her again. Every time I get close to finding her, another door slams in my face. She’s a tough cookie to track down lol.



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