I want out of this funk!

I am feeling like crap and have for the past week and have no idea why. {Umm, TMI, but yes I do…AF should be here, she’s preparing me for days of misery}

I cannot seem to either quit being nauseas or throwing up.  I am just falling apart at the seems.

And I am NOT making a list for NaBloPoMo today, for I have made lists ALL DAY for:

  1. Things I need to do this weekend around the house
  2.  Things I needed to do to our computers
  3. Things I need to accomplish for Kenzie’s birthday
  4. Prices of things in our garage sale.

Yeah, we had a garage sale and got 2/3 out of our crap bought, and the rest of it is still in the garage. When it will be gone, I don’t know. Oh crap, you know what? I made another list. I contradicted myself. Damn.



1 comment so far

  1. Monique on

    It’s cool. I’m about to go on another compulsive list making trip myself. 😐 Lists are so helpful…

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