Food for thought

My day has revolved around food today it seems.

  1. I woke up and the first thing I wanted was leftover spaghetti.
  2. Then Maddie ate, and ate again, and then continued to eat a dinner roll on my bed causing a crumbtastrophy!
  3. Then Howard woke up and we watched the food network. {See a theme going on here?}
  4. Then Howard ate, and Maddie did, again. {She grazes, lol}
  5. Then we went to go pick up Kenzie from my moms and couldn’t because she was eating dinner
  6. Then she told us she was still hungry
  7. And then we spent the majority of the evening making diablos {jalos stuffed with cream cheese, wrapped in bacon} Yeah, soooooooooo not on my diet. Oh well lol.

And I also spent some of my morning looking up recipes. I am dying to recreate this meal I had at Pappadeaux a few years ago and I think I’ve found it! I hope it comes out good, I’m making it this week.

mmm…food. I still haven’t eaten dinner.



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