Alright, here’s the entries I did while I was gone…

3/18/08- Monsoon anyone?
It has been raining…hard…for the past few days. We came home from picking up Kenzie and found a huge hole in our ceiling and a giant wet spot on our microfiber couch! The apartment people claim it’s the air conditioner unit. Then why didn’t it start before? Why now, when we’re flooding in the area? And why when the wind blows and the rain pours harder that it drips faster?! Who the hell knows?! But he got it to where it doesn’t drip anymore nonetheless, lol.

3/19/08- Rain strikes again!
Well apparently the water didn’t only affect the ceiling and the couch! The wiring in our apartment was attacked by water and so now we have no phones or internet. Nice. I’ve been given a time period of 2-6 weeks for repair. Even nicer! I’m going to go crazy. Well, no more NaBloPoMo for me!
On another note…Today has been a hectic day. Howard had some appointments which made our schedule go wacky and the girls {and I} miss him like CRAZY! I totally forgot {until 2pm today} that I needed to make something for Kenzie’s birthday party at school tomorrow. Oops! So, I convinced her to let me make and ice cookies for her party. Sugar free ones at that! Everything except the sprinkles of course! A little sugar never hurt anyone…including 7 year olds. Oh Lord, 7!
Anyhoo ~ Cookies look pretty good and they don’t taste bad either!

3/20/08- Outrageous
Today is Mackenzie’s birthday at school, and she is so super excited! I let her wear her hair however she wanted {which is down with little clippies holding back the front, ick lol} and pick her clothes. She looks beautiful lol. I took her into school today and she is pretty disappointed because her teacher is out sick. 😦 Bummer!
Besides all that, I need to go shopping for her party today. My mom and I are supposed to be meeting up to go to Wal-Mart so she can help me with my outrageous list.
Howard and his parents have gone round and round today. Two weeks ago they were notified and confirmed coming to Kenzie’s party. A week ago, the same. Today? Totally didn’t remember the party and refused to come. Kenzie cried, Howard LOST IT! I am so sick of this letting them down, it makes me so sick. His mom says she doesn’t have money to drive up here, even without a gift {which Howard told them we would put their name on one that we got her, so wrong, but whatever. Not for them, for Mackenzie} But she can drive THE SAME DISTANCE to go to church every week. Now, I’m not bashing church or whatever but dammit you may ‘walk beside the lord’ in the after life because you went to church every week to worship him but what memories are you leaving behind? The kind that has your grandkids wondering “Where’s Grandma?” or “Why didn’t she come when she PROMISED?” It’s sad when my psycho, irresponsible mother is more of a grandparent then my holier then thou mother in law. Howard is so angry and hurt.
UPDATE: They called me at 10pm. They’re coming, reluctantly.


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