Party Time 3/21 & 3/22

3/21/08- Happy Birthday Kenzie Girl!
***Long entry warning!
Omg I am so beyond wiped! I was very concerned how the prep of the party would go. I didn’t clean house the day before because I really wasn’t up to it and I REALLY regretted it this morning! Anyway, with Howard and Mackenzie’s help we did get the house clean, very clean! My mom was a God and went to Walmart for me AND came to get Kenzie so Howard and I could go get balloons and her hamster. {No hamster, we’re letting her pick it out Monday after school}.
Before the party, we were getting ready. I was doing Kenzie’s hair and instead of putting the clips in it like I should I just started at her. She tilted her head to the side and smiled at me and said, “What’s the matter mom?” I smiled. She said, “I love you” I lost it. I cried and cried. She has grown up so fast and she even looks older today!

Doesn't she?
Ok, the party! My sister and cousin dropped off their kids because I insisted! Man, I shouldn’t of done that lol. They were all very well behaved, like always, but omg my cousins’ little boy. WOW! He’s Kenzie’s age and so full of energy and testosterone! He fought with his sister like I’ve never seen before and kept wanting to test me, lol. My mom brought a little girl from her complex that Kenzie plays will all the time and man, she wouldn’t listen to me for ANYTHING! She kept running in the street, and talking to neighbors and chasing this poor cat everywhere! I finally had to get my parents to straighten her up, I was scared she was going to get hit by a car!
Anyway, After all the kids got there, they played tag outside for a while we iced the cake and started prep on the individual pizzas. Then they went out and played with silly string, more like attacked Howard with it {NICE!} and then I gave them their party favors early! It’s a chalk set that has special tools, ect. They totally decorated my driveway in it and just had a blast!

Then they all came in and had pizza, played some more, did gifts {that’s where the rowdyness started, lol} Every time Kenzie opened a present all the kids would take off towards her, grab all the paper and wrappings and throw them up in the air, tear them to a million pieces and throw them at eachother. Our living room was a mess! Finally we had to yell to get them to listen and sit still for 5 minutes so I could take a picture! Lol Kenzie had an absolute heart attack over her gifts and especially the hamster cage. She cried. Lol She had a wonderful birthday. Finally the party wound down and my parents left with Mikaiah, my sister and cousin showed up {and were pretty tipsy because they sang the high school musical song with gusto and dance moves} and left with their kids. As they were leaving I looked at the time. 7:45pm. I cried again. 7 years, right now. Then it was just us, Danielle and Beckham {my childhood friend and her toddler who came in from out of town}. And we thought today was busy, heck!

Click HERE to view slide show

3/21/08- Entry #2- Monster in law
As I mentioned my Mother in law and my brother in law came to Kenzie’s party.
They weren’t even in our house yet and they had already pissed us off. They called Howard about 30 minutes away from the house and asked when the party was over {started at 5:30}. Howard told them it ended at 7:30. “Well, we’re going to leave at 7” Umm, why in the hell did you just drive an hour and a half to stay an hour and a half? Whatever.
They got here and the thing my mother in law said the moment she walked in the door pissed EVERYONE off to no end! I hugged her and said hello and asked her how she was, my mom did the same. Her response was, “Fine. Tired. I’d rather be in bed”
At that moment, the birthday girl looked up at me and walked outside. I followed and she turned to me, head down, the moment we walked out and said, “Grandma doesn’t want to be here.” crap. I told her that she did want to be there, she was just tired and she gave me a slanted look and went on about her party, not speaking to her grandmother again except a 3 second thank you after she opened the gift ‘from them’.
In fact, I didn’t speak to her again either. And Howard didn’t either unless he was intentionally being rude, and he didn’t even know that Mackenzie had heard her! They my dear MIL kept digging holes saying things like,
“Oh wow, she really is starting to get cute” About Madison
“I am so tired! I wish I was in bed asleep, I’ve been up since 5:30” Yes, she said this about 10 times in the hour and a half. And by the way biatch, I’ve been up since 5 so sick my duck.
“I am so sick of taking this medicine. I don’t like taking it and I don’t take half the things that the doctors give me. I throw them away” Yeah, ok. Fine. At this point I don’t give a shit. But you constantly talk about how you wish your mom was around and she fought for her life taking those medicines and now you won’t take them.
This woman has no quality of life or perspective on what’s important. I just threw up in my mouth.

In an hour and a half she whined, she complained and she not once said Happy Birthday to Mackenzie. She not once said ONE POSITIVE THING! She was rude, inconsiderate and we.had.enough. My mom wanted to spit in her face. I wanted to rip it off. Howard is so livid he doesn’t want to go to bed.

3/22/08- Anyone for a swim?
***Another super long entry!
Small update from the MIL issue: I told Howard about Kenzie hearing what his mother said. He picked up the phone at 1am. Lets just leave it at that for now.

This morning went really well considering we were all exhausted! Lol We let Kenzie sleep in and Howard took Maddie to get my parents so I could shower in peace lol. They got here and took over Maddie and we all got ready and left. We went and got the tickets and headed to San Antonio. Kenzie played her gameboy the whole way and we talked about Sea World and the day before. Howard was still disgusted, as was I, but we swallowed it away for a fun day with our 7 year old.
We got to Sea World and waited 15 minutes to pay the parking attendant, yikes lol.
The park was beautiful! Kenzie gasped at the stain glassed shamu in the entrance, yelled “I want to ride that one!” at every coaster and ride she saw.
Once we were in the park, we immediately planned our day according to attractions we HAD to do today {We got 2 day passes, so we can go back any day in the 2008 season}. We started with feeding the dolphins:

Then we went into the aquarium {Reluctantly by Kenzie because Howard told her if she wasn’t good today, which she was, he would throw her in with the sharks. Nice} and looked all the sharks and other under water sea life:

Howard told me to turn around and this was 2 feet from my face

Then we headed to the first show! A Sea Lion Mystery/Comedy show. So cute! Loved it!

He pushed his trainer off the 2nd floor

After that we went and saw the Alligators and Penguins:

Yes, Mackenzie touched that thing


These were all taken by my phone, so pardon the bad quality

Then off to the Shamu show:
It was beautiful. Absolutely breathtaking talking about preservation and conservation of marine life, and all life in general. We really enjoyed it.

Look at the slide show HERE
Mid Shamu show, my camera died, piece of shit! We did take a few more with my phone. After the show we went and got the girls Shamu stuffed animals and something to eat, the lines, omg! The food sucked too lol. Then we went to the Beluga Whale/Pacific Dolphin show. WOW! Sky dancers, synchronized swimmers and awesome animals. Not to mention the hilarious comedy show performed before hand that got us all soaked!

Right before the show, we were exhausted!

I circled the dolphins, they were fast! And I was shocked on how high they could jump!!

After this we went and visited the dolphins one last time and left the park. It was an hour before they closed and Kenzie couldn’t walk another step lol. My feet were KILLING me! I couldn’t wake to take my shoes off. The trip home was pretty good. We stopped and got huge bottles of water and changed into PJ’s to be comfortable. I love Sea World lol.


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