3/23/08- Overcooked egg
**Yet again, another long entry
Happy Easter!
Last night after Howard dropped my parents off at home, he stopped by Walgreens to pick up some candy {Yeah, we totally forgot about this lol}.
After he got home with $25 worth of candy and stuffed animals for the girls we got their baskets together and I passed out on the couch while Howard played video games, lol.
This morning Kenzie tore into the baskets before I could even put my glasses on. I told her to put it all back and wait for Howard to get up. Yeah, he didn’t want to get up. J I made a big breakfast and finally went and woke Howard up so the girls could tear into their baskets. Maddie had a squeal attack at the bunny in the basket accompanied by the stuffed Shamu we got her the night before.

Kenzie got a ton of hair accessories, candy, gum, bunny. Maddie got bunny, 2 outfits including a bathing suit and hair accessories as well! After Howard got up, we got decent and went to Danielle’s moms house for late lunch early dinner type thing. She invited us on Friday and since we didn’t want to do anything here because of our busy weekend it worked out great! The food was AWESOME! OMG! We ate, talked, laughed, watch the kids play. We discussed wedding details {her mom is getting married at the end of May}. Realtime Edit: She eloped 2 weeks ago
Then Howard and Danielle went outside to hide a bagillion plastic eggs.
It was a lot of fun. Beckham would not stop eating the jelly beans inside the eggs and Kenzie wouldn’t stop showing her butt. Literally, half her rear was hanging out of her jeans lol. Lovely. Maddie just kept pointing at the eggs she could see saying, BALL? BALL? BALL! Lol She even picked a few!

Oh, he found the Jelly Beans!

Butt shot!

She loved watching them!

When Howard and Danielle were hiding eggs her mom showed me a carton of confetti eggs. I am so getting Howard! Lol! After the kids did the egg hunt I was holding Maddie on my hip and walked up to Howard and gave him a kiss and a hug and cracked 2 confetti eggs over his head. He laughed, we all laughed. All of us, except Maddie. That child screamed so loud I think people in Lousiana heard her! She didn’t understand why there was a sea of little colored circles going all over her daddy and she didn’t like it! Of course, he got me, and she screamed some more! Kenzie got Danielle and Beckham and Howard got Kenzie and Kathy, Danielle’s mom.

Howard and Kathy:


Me and Miss Maddie:

Easter was pretty damn good.
After we left Kathy’s, we stopped by Sonic, even though our heads were still covered in confetti!  Howard and I leaned in to eachother and had our heads together. Kenzie made this large, dramatic sigh and said, awwwwww cupcakes!! Ha, I love that kid!
Oh, did I mention that I have one wicked ass sunburn in weird places from Sea World?

3/24/08- Oh good God, It’s Monday ALREADY?!
We need more rest! Lol omg, we are all zombies! Lol. Kenzie’s student of the week this week so there was no way I was keeping her out, even for a day, lol. We were late to school this morning though. J
Man that kid, first she gets an awesome birthday party, goes to Sea World, then spends Easter with her favorite toddler and now a whole week devoted to her at school!
I went to store today to get some diapers, ect. Then we went to pick up Kenzie at school, time to go get a pet!
First pet store: Awesome sale! Buy cage {the one we got her doesn’t allow extensions for the tubing, so we’re taking it back} and get a hamster free. No hamsters. The clerk says they have no clue when they are going to get them in because their mating season is off due to the weather. Oh crap.
Next pet store: I don’t see any hamsters here either! Crap! They do have a large parrot named big head that dances when I wave my fingers lol. Finally, we ask and he shows us to 3 cages off to the side that we missed {they were like at knee level} with one, 9 week old white dwarf hamster in it. It’s light gray with a charcoal stripe down the middle and charcoal belly. It immediately gets up on 2 legs and stares at us. *melt* It’s his last one. We pick an awesome cage and buy it immediately without a second thought. He’s furry and cute and fast, omg! Kenzie keeps talking to it like a baby, she is so beyond excited!
We get in the car and ask her what she wants to name it.
“Aaron!” no… “Eric!” no… “I don’t know!” Ok. She gets that from me, lol. After some long discussion, Mr. Hamster running down my shirt and all over me in .3 seconds and Over the Hedge coming home, she decided on Hammie. Hammie the Hamster, lol. He’s adorable and Kenzie ADORES him! Maddie points and him and says, “DOG?” lol

Kenzie did get a little upset when we told her she couldn’t feed Hammie pizza.

3/25/08- Disturbed
My mother told me the most disturbing thing today. When I was a child, I had a ton of pets. At one point I had 2 rabbits, 2 dogs, 1 cat, 1 bird, 40 fish and 2 hamsters.
The discussion came up that pet stores only sell male hamsters now to keep the population down. Understandable.
Then she told me that when I was a kid, I had a male and a female and that they would constantly have babies!! I never knew that.
I asked her what happened to them and I wish I hadn’t. She told me she flushed the babies down the toilet. No joke.
That is so terrible! I’m mad now.

3/26/08- Untangled in the net
I am really starting to miss the internet lol. I miss my moms groups, blogging, and being able to look stuff up. I feel at a loss not being able to google every couple of seconds {which seriously, I do, I live on the damn site}.
I can access very little on my blackberry and I can’t do posts for my moms group and I can do entries for my blog, every time I do, they don’t show up. I can answer myspace messages, don’t know why, but I can, lol.
I google but omg it takes FOREVER!
The cable/internet company has been out here once since we lost service. They said it could be 2-4 weeks. It’s been a week as of today. I’m going nuts!


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