April 1st-4th

4/1/08- DOWNTOWN
Today we went DOWNTOWN and I mean like to the capitol downtown. It was gorgeous! I forgot how much I enjoy a crowded city. I love Austin. The actual city is so amazing. I kept doing these long, dramatic sighs the whole time, lol. I didn’t realize that I was until Howard pointed it out. I haven’t been to the capitol since I was very young and I forgot how beautiful it is.
I wonder what I’d be like to live in the city and be an actual ‘Austinite’. Hmm, interesting.

4/2/08- Dancing Queen!
Maddie has been doing the ‘bob to music’ thing for months now (If you’re a mom, you know EXACTLY what I’m talking about). We’re very musical in this house, so she’s used to it and loves it! And today, while watching her sister, she learned a couple more dance moves. Click HERE to observe, trust me…click it.

Kenzie has been overly sensitive and moody today. She started off the day by crying because she was afraid she wouldn’t be able to say goodbye to Maddie, because she was still sleeping. She was able to though, and that calmed her down.
I’m concerned about her behavior because we have a very busy weekend up ahead and I hope she isn’t too worn out from all the crap we’ve done lately. We’ve been so incredibly busy! When she got home, she was even more moody! Getting very frustrated, almost to the point of tears when doing her homework because frankly she was too tired to concentrate.
I tried to get her to stop, to do it later, but she refused. She wanted to get it done, now. Okie dokie!

4/4/08-Midnight Riders
Man I don’t know what was up with my kids last night! They were both exhausted and went to bed without too much of a fight. At 1:45am they are both awake and crying! I knew there was supposed to be storms during the night, and thought they might have woken them up, but when I looked at the weather, it wasn’t even drizzling! Kenzie had a nightmare, that she told me later was that Howard and I got divorced and I left her and Maddie and moved to another house.
Then before I could say a word she said, I know you would never do that mom, because you’re the best mom in the world, but it scared me. I hugged her and smiled. She knows me well. I explained divorce. I explained the reasoning behind divorce, and that if it ever happened in no way would it be her fault, or anyone’s fault except for Mommy and Daddy. I told her that she will always be loved and we’d still be a family, we just wouldn’t live together. She said she understood and smiled.
Anyway, after that early morning chat, the girls went to bed and Maddie got woken up by some thunder around 5am. I brought her in our room to sleep, which was quite a trip, she slept IN my shirt, no joke. She crawled up my shirt, and had her head poking out the top, She’s weird.
It’s still storming outside and is supposed to until early afternoon. Let’s hope the day goes by a little smoother then it did last night.
Oh and strangely, I’m in a pretty good mood even though I had my sleep disturbed, which does NOT happen often! Lol

SECOND ENTRY: Woah…Linda Blair moment!
Although, I had a weird night, my good mood is continuing and I had a pretty good day today too!
This evening was pretty eventful! My mom has a friend that lived in her complex, and Mackenzie adores her daughter who’s 6. She’s a single mom, living on child support with a very old car. Howard’s trying to help that car stay on the road instead of on the side of it.
So, all evening we had a household of people!
The girls did have a good time playing though. Man, I now know why my mom got so annoyed with me when I had friends over at that age. They’re so dramatic, constantly tattling on eachother and constantly showing off to the adults. It was do adorable, at first. Got old real quick, lol.


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