The end of March

3/29/08- Concern and Impressed
Today was a really interesting day. This morning went off so smoothly, and I was trying to go somewhere too! Both kids were doing exactly what I wanted them to do! We left the house about 9:30am and went to pick up my parents and go to Alyssa’s {my niece} gymnastic meet.
She did very well, and I was very proud of her. My dad got bored {jerk off}, my sister was overly critical {but never said that to her face, thank goodness} and my mom was…very helpful lol. She helped me a lot with Maddie in the crowded meet.

Excuse the picture quality, we weren’t able to use flash photography, we didn’t want to distract her.

Warming up:

Waiting for her turn on the uneven bars:

My mom’s gasp could be heard from outside lol. It freaked her out a little to see Alyssa going SO FAST and all the way around the bar lol

Dismount from the beam {she did AMAZING on this one btw!}

I took video, but when I tried to open it just now, my entire computer froze. So…yeah. 🙂

After that, I took my dad, Kenzie and Maddie back to our house where Howard was sleeping {It was like 2pm but he had worked the night before}. He got up and they watched the girls and my mom and I ran to the store to get a birthday gift for a little boy in Kenzie’s class.
I got home 30 minutes before the party was supposed to start. I said goodbye to Howard, who was going BACK to work, packed up Maddie who was going to stay at my moms while I took Kenzie to this party and went and dropped Maddie and my parents off and then Kenzie and I went to the party.
It was at Inflatable Wonderland, where she had her 6th birthday party. She had a blast. I enjoyed chatting with some of the other moms. Mackenzie is always going on about this little boy in her class, Patrick. He’s a gorgeous kid with dark brown hair that he wears spiked up, fair peach skin and bright blue eyes. He’s almost as tall at Kenzie, which is impressive in her 7 years, 4’7’’ frame! We always thought it was a crush and she just talked about the way he acts towards her {always playing with her, tickling her, ect.} was a little exaggeration. Boy was I WRONG! That kid was all over her! He kept doing these running tackles at her on the inflatables. He’d hold her hand, he kept touching her hair, and even when they weren’t doing things together, he’d come up behind her, rub her back or tickle her and walk away like he did nothing. TOTAL.SHAMLESS.FLIRTATION.
I thought it was cute, but then got concerned, lol. I realized that she’s a tween now and this is going to happen more and more with more potency. I keep telling her boys have cooties and make sure not to kiss them, lol. She says she doesn’t but says she likes Patrick a lot. I can see why.
I am in so much trouble.

3/30/08- A whole lotta nothing
Not that I’m complaining! Lol I miss vegging! We cleaned house, ran to the store {well, not literally} and spent time with the kids.

I really do miss vegging and not having to do anything, lol. Man, I’d much rather be vegging on the net though.

3/31/08- Blast from the Past
Today while we were in Walmart, we weren’t doing anything out of the ordinary. Just shopping and talking, lol. Our voices carry so I know we’re heard easily. Apparently easily enough that roaches things crawled out of the woodwork.
When Howard was looking for some t-shirts a woman on a motorized cart looked like she was trying to get past us and I moved out of the way and apologized. She said it’s ok, Kristin. Double take! Triple take! PATTI?!?!!

Backstory: Patti was my moms best friend since Middle school.{Patti also happens to be my aunt (mom’s sister) sister in law! Trisha, my aunt, is married to Patti’s only brother} The woman named me! They were closer then close, as was I to Patti’s daughters. One my age and the other 6 years older. Then both their marriages fell apart in the late 90’s, and they quit talking because of some hearsay and they thought it’d be better if they stayed apart.
Years happened, changes happened {a lot of them!} and they somehow reunited in 2001 right after Kenzie was born. To cut to the chase…Patti’s boyfriend was in prison, my mom was married to a self admitted womanizer…They betrayed my mom. After that, she forgave Patti and they became friends again. My mom eventually bought Patti’s car from her and didn’t finish paying her off because it died. Completely. Motor, gone. Transmission, gone. Because I had loaned my video camera to Patti’s oldest daughter so they could video tape their newest child coming into the world I never saw the camera again. But in that camera bag was all of Kenzie’s baby home videos. Patti refused to give them back until she was paid for the car. Like it was my fault?! So, long story short, police were involved, I got my tapes back, unharmed.

Now, back to the shock of seeing her again after…4, 5 years? Her face and stomach was bloated big time from medication she’s been taking for years. She’s at least 150 pounds heavier then the last time we saw her. Her health is terrible! Oh and she lives like 30 minutes away.
I wanted to feel sorry for her. I wanted to hug the honorary mom that I had all my childhood. I did feel sorry for her, but I couldn’t hug her. I couldn’t show her pity. I’m a compassionate person and I live on my emotions. I didn’t feel anger or any other negative emotion. I pitied her. I did. But not enough to reach out.

After the brief visit and her updating us on her family, we walked away. It was odd, and the air felt stale, no matter where I went in that store. I realized I had seen her before in the store, I just didn’t recognize her.

Why do people in your past pop up when you least expect them or haven’t thought about them in a very long time?


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