April 5th-9th

4/5/08- Birthday Party x2
Kenzie was being quite defiant today, I didn’t think we were going to do birthday parties at first. But then she straightened up when I threatened her with being homebound instead of a party girl and man it worked!
The first party was for a girl that was in Kenzie’s Kindergarten class, and they’re still friends and we love her parents! It was at Main Event Entertainment which we had never been to. Kenzie bowled and kicked everyones butt! Seriously, out of 15 kids, including boys, she got the highest score!

Surprisingly Maddie did AWESOME the whole party! The bowling didn’t scare her at all, I thought it would, I’m glad I was wrong. After the bowling, the kids went in and had pizza, cake and Kellie (birthday girl) opened presents.

Birthday Girl:

Then we went into the arcade and Kenzie continued to kick butt on racing games and air hockey. We had a small gap in time between this party and the next. We took the girls home, got Kenzie and Maddie changed, packed Maddie a bag and got dressed ourselves. We took Maddie to my mom’s for the evening because Howard decided to give us a date night, SCORE!
We dropped Kenzie off at my cousins and headed to eat mexican food, and omg it was delicious! I had a margarita that was very strong, but very good.
Then we went to pick up Mackenzie from the party and my aunt, cousin, sister, niece x2 and Kenzie forced convinced me to sing a karaoke duet with Mackenzie. They videotaped it and got pictures, I’ll try to pry the evidence away from them and share it with you.

Cousins: L-R Kenzie, Ashley {birthday girl} & Alyssa

Diva baby!

We were singing to eachother

We were tipsy…and it’s the first picture taken of just us in FOREVER!

4/6/08- Repercussions
Yesterday evenings strong margarita has had bad consequences.
My ulcer is killing me. I’ve been doubled over in pain all day.
To top it off…I’m pretty sure we all have spring fever. Runny noses, coughs, sore throat, light fevers, it’s lovely.
We planned on going to the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center in downtown but with gas prices about at $3.50 a gallon that wasn’t happening, considering it’s 30 miles away.
Not to mention with all the sinus issues, wildflowers is not where we need to be. Hopefully we can try again this coming weekend. I hope so.
I finally got Howard to sit and watch Enchanted with Kenzie and I. He loved it of course. God that movie is so cute, and the music is catchy and ‘uppidy’.

4/7/08- le sigh
I love you Lora, lol.
Text from her:
A fairy tale: One day, long, long ago…
There lived a woman who didn’t whine, nag or bitch. But this was a very long time ago and it was just that one day. The end.

4/8/08- Mom and Daughter day
Howard watched the baby a good part of the day today so I could go to the library with my mom, help her file her taxes and allow me to go to the store without children grabbing things off of the shelves, lol. I really do love him!
After filing her taxes, she turned, looked at me and said, “Why do I have to make everything so damn complicated?”
That’s a typical woman trait mom. I think it comes with the genetalia. Yeah, she needs to clean my windshield now. It got soaked. I really should learn some tact. Or, rather, not speak when others are drinking. 🙂
When I got home Howard was doing the thing that apparently a few men do. He would talk to me and be perfectly fine. I’d try to discuss something with him and OMG! The world caved in and the rocks annoyed him. He got over it. I did say I loved him, right? 🙂

EDIT: Oh and I was told to pencil in that the net would be on in one week. Then I can finally transfer all these damn entries to my blog! SCORE!

4/9/08- 15!!!
Maddie’s 15 months old today. She had a checkup this morning and it was…informative, to say the least.
1st thing is she weighs 23 pounds 10 ounces, and was over 33”! That’s a 2 pound, 5 ounce weight gain and over a 2 inch growth! She’s in the 90th percentile for height and 50-60th for weight.
Her little spring fever allergy runny nose has turned into a bit of bronchitis! We gave her a nebulizer treatment last night because I feared that, and turns out, my fears were accurate. So, he prescribed her an antibiotic and 2 allergy medications.
Then he did an assessment of where she is developmentally and boy was he impressed. Although she was terribly shy with him, clinging to me like a wet rag she managed to show him what she could do as far as imaginative play (she flips through pages of books and spouts off words like she’s reading), she has a vocabulary of 12 words from what he could tell (she actually has a few more) and she’s very observant and comprehends really well for a 15 month old! I’m proud.
Then came the physical part. She’s lagging. I knew she was but everyone kept telling me she’d catch up. I thought so too, but deep down I knew something was up, even with her being a preemie. Her legs are very strong; she’s been able to hold her own weight since she was 4-5 months old! Her muscle tone is awesome; she’s very strong, nothing wrong actually PHYSICALLY with her. But she’s lagging in the ‘brain, tell my body to walk, crawl, ect.’. She doesn’t pull up unless we help her. She doesn’t cruise. She doesn’t crawl, or even attempt to. She walks, hell she RUNS when she holds our fingers. And when she’s in her walker (which we have oh a very low setting so she has to stand to move herself and use her legs) she can chase her 7 year old sister down!
So, he gave me the number to a good PT that will come to our house and with a handful of visits he said she will be chasing us down, minus the walker. He thinks a few should do it and she WILL be walking by the time she’s 18 months. I trust that man, he’s thorough and he knows what he’s doing and talking about so…yeah.
I’m going to call the PT today! Wish us luck! 🙂

OH! She also got 3 vaccinations that we both cried during. Poor thing! She’s pretty fussy so she’s sleeping now, hence the computer time, lol.

SECOND ENTRY: Auto Service Extrodinare!
We spent from 3pm-9pm at my mom’s house. Why? Howard was trying to fix my mom’s friend…oh god, too complicated. Her name is Vicki. He was trying to fix her car yet again, with the next problem with it.
Kenzie was terrible. She was defiant, wasn’t listening, it was hell with her and Vicki’s daughter lol. Maddie was so fussy and tired and obviously wanted the comforts of her own home. She was miserable the majority of the time. Finally, at 9, half an hour past Kenzie’s bed time and with poor Maddie crying constantly I told Howard if he didn’t call it a night, I was leaving without him. He quit. Thank God for small favors.


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