Busy April 10th-20th

4/10/08 Alright Buddy!
After we got home last night and got the kids to bed, I took a shower and passed out soon after. I woke up because of thunder at 5ish, luckilly they passed before we had to get out of the house to take Kenzie to school.
After Kenzie got off to school I spent, oh about 5 minutes with Howard before he left to finish Vicki’s car again. Maddie slept in until 10:30! Poor kid! But I enjoyed the peace by sitting my butt on the couch and reading, lol.
Howard called me at 12:30 and said the car was running and he was done. It’s after 2. He’s still not home. He called me at 1 and said he had everything picked up, he was going to run upstairs and tell my mom he was leaving and he’d be home. My mom calls at 1:30 and talks about nonchalant things, not mentioning that he was there or anything. At 1:47 I call my mom back wanting to know when Howard left, so I knew how much I could call and bitch at him for. He answered the phone.
me: hey, where are you, I was getting worried. You know her house is like 4 miles from here.
Him: Yeah I know.
Me: I talked to my mom earlier and she didn’t mention or give me any idea you were still there, and neither did you!
Him: Well, I’ve been right here.
Me: what are you doing?
Him: talking.
{could he be any more elusive and vague?!!?!}
I sat there in silence for a few seconds and said, ok, bye.

I was so incredibly annoyed at that point. I texted him a few minutes ago and told him not to forget to pick up Kenzie. He just called me and I let him have it. Not just because he didn’t have the decency to call me, and if I would of done this he would be LIVID, but because he wasn’t even busy doing anything. He was sitting on my mom’s couch talking and didn’t even CONSIDER that I’d be worried when he said he’d be headed home in a few minutes over an hour ago for a 4 mile drive. He actually said, he didn’t think about it. Nice.

4/16/08- Nuts
What the hell is up with the Emerald Nuts commercials? I mean, Swiss Family Robinson? What the french, toast?

4/17/08- Bummer
Well, it’s been a month and no chance of getting our stuff back on. Although the wiring is finished, now they are putting the breaks on us because we haven’t paid in 2 months. Even with the credits from the outage our balance is bad and way more then we have now. When you don’t have anything coming in, you can’t put anything out.
And don’t get me wrong, we have some money. We have the leftover from our pathetic savings to pay for diapers and food. We’re not starving, and when we start getting nervous about our depleting amount of money, Howard does some contract work.
I’m bummed.

4/18/08- Happy Birthday my Love!
Today is Howard’s birthday!
He got to choose dinner, pizza. He got his favorite cake, carrot. And he got his 15 month old daughter to say, Happy Birthday Dada! Of course it wasn’t that annunciated, but she said it!
We also spent the afternoon at a park and man did they all have a ball!

Howard’s brother reliving his youth

Umm, yeah.

Yes, his cake says, Happy Birthday Powie- Nick name, lol.

4/20/08 Full moon

I didn’t blog about this when it happened. I was trying to comprehend everything.

On the 17th I was sitting in the parent pickup line waiting for Kenzie. I was talking to Lora, and a weird number was calling me. I clicked over and it was the acting vice principal at Kenzie’s school {Real VP took the day off}. She told me that today {Thursday} Mackenzie was on the playground and a little boy pulled her pants and panties down.

Shock. Embarrassment. Concern. I immediately asked if she was ok, the principal assured me that she was. She also told me that she offered to call me when the incident happened but Mackenzie refused. I was sitting in the parent pickup line, or I would of driven to the school immediately. I was in such shock. I kinda stuttered and the Temporary VP assured me that the student {whom she cannot name, state law} is being punished severely as is any other students involved and will have to make a formal apology to Mackenzie regarding this event. She asked me if I had any questions, and my response was, not from her. I wanted to talk to my daughter.

Minutes later a smiling Kenzie jumps into the van. She says she had a good day but something embarrassing happened. Patrick Yep, remember, total, shameless, flirtation? Which made me even more concerned about the incident. If it was just childs-play or sexually aggressive. She said that he pulled her pants and panties down and some people saw, not too many. 2 little girls laughed at her and made fun of her and Patrick did too. She told me that all 3 children never came back to the classroom, meaning they got sent home. And in the words of 1st grade punishment, this incident is going on their permanent record and is also being treated VERY SEVERELY! The school is taking it seriously, which I didn’t doubt for a minute, but I’m glad that I have conformation.

After talking about it and through it and after her telling it to me again and telling my mom and Howard she got more and more embarrassed. So, we explained to her how the situation was bad. And how serious it is. And we also told her that sometimes kids don’t know what they’re doing. That’s why they’re kids, but she did nothing wrong. She told us that before the girls went home, they came back to the classroom and apologized to her. The little boy made her a card and apologized. I explained to her that it’s good that they apologized but she had to make sure that she tells them that she’s not ok with what they did, and she can forgive them or choose not to if she likes. I also told her I’d rather her keep away from Patrick, not to be mean, but because I wanted to protect her. She said she understood and agreed with me.

I kept her out Friday. I didn’t want her to have to go back and deal with it right away. I didn’t think that was fair. The school agreed. I’m going to make an appointment with the VP ASAP. Not because of punishment, but because I’m concerned of my daughter. I want to make sure that if any repercussions come of this that it’ll be taken VERY seriously. And I want to make sure if she has any confidence issues {which she has had a lot lately} because of this she can talk to the counselor if need be. Just explain my concerns and get my daughter’s voice out there.

I don’t want to seem like I am downplaying the event. I’m not. I wanted to go postal, trust me. But that’s not right for Mackenzie, and I can’t do that to her. I need to do what’s right for HER.


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