The end of April

4/21/08- Alright Yoda
We finally heard back from the PT people! Geez!
Anyway, the lady is VERY nice and I really enjoyed talking to her. I think we’ll get along just fine! They’re coming on Friday and I couldn’t be happier! She’s bringing a trainee with her, I don’t mind, more people to show my baby off too, oo, did I just say that?
My mom is going to be here during the visit so she can keep Kenzie happy and I can focus on the therapist and Maddie.
And then to the dark side if you will…
We got served with an eviction notice today. That’s beyond embarassing to say, I can’t even TELL you how it bruises my pride. Our rent hasn’t been paid for April and we pray that we can get it paid so it gets cleared up.
All of our good rental history, gone. God I hate the damn economy! We can’t even get hired at McNasty! And we even tried! No joke! Don’t ask me what we’re going to do, because frankly I don’t know.
I spent the last few hours holding Maddie and Kenzie and crying. I know it wasn’t healthy but I couldn’t let them go. I let them laugh at me, and boy did they ever! Maddie kept wanting to stand up, and touch my tears as they fell. She laughed so hard, she passed gas. How could I not smile at that?

Edit: Today is a bad day for renters! My bestest friend Lora was told that the house that her and her family {husband and 2 kids} have lived in since they got married is being put on the market. Like now.

4/22/08- Mama bear
We had our appointment with the vice principal today. It went very well. Basically we just told her what we heard happened from Mackenzie and how it affected her and our concerns.
Which basically are that she will not be teased, taunted or embarassed any more by this experience. Considering she already has had self image and self esteem issues, she doesn’t need any help with that.
She wrote all of my concerns and points down and I have to admit, she seemed threatened or scared by me. I think she was expecting me to go nutso on her and get all protective and mama bear-ish. Moi?!
But I didn’t! I kept my cool! I reminded myself that this was a young boy who did this, a young boy who is her friend and didn’t mean to hurt her and probably didn’t even realize the audacity of his actions. I also reminded myself that we love this school, it’s teachers and administrators. They’re amazing and they always go to great lengths to keep it’s kids safe and happy.
Basically, it couldn’t of gone better.
Oh and Maddie’s taking a second nap right now…maybe we’re not done with the 2 nap thing after all!

4/24/08 Crap-o-la
Well we got the date for our court appearance for the eviction.
Oh and…I’m officially not watching American Idol for the rest of the season starting last night. Carly Smithson got voted off. I threw up. I try not to get too involved with reality TV, hell who am I kidding, I live vicariously through my television lol.
4/25/08 Cry me a river
Today was Maddie’s first PT eval. The Early Intervention specialist was going to come out and watch her and talk to me about her and what they think they can do for her. The lady was a sweetheart, her name is Jan. I hope I get to keep working with her because I took to her personality immediately {anyone who knows all 70’s music lyrics is too cool for school in my book}. Maddie seemed to like her as well.
Right before they got here, Kenzie and my parents showed up from getting her at school. Kenzie was riled up and Maddie wanted to play with her. So, when she couldn’t, she got pissed. My parents were supposed to keep Kenzie occupied, didn’t work so well. We had 8 people in our house {me, mom, dad, kenzers, maddie, todd, jan and her shadower, becky} and Maddie and I were supposed to concentrate. Didn’t work so well.
Jan immediately determined that she needed help. Not by a physical therapist, she thinks. It doesn’t seem medical and she thinks she just needs a little assistance and she’ll be right on track. Score!
Then she asked me about our financial situation. If we were able to provide for our children and just then, my mom had walked in and told them we were in dire need of financial help because of Howard not having a job. I started to cry. Like an idiot. My mom left and I got absolutely hysterical with silent sobs. It has got to rank up there as one of the most humiliating experiences of my life. I don’t even like crying in front of my husband! And here I was crying in front of two total strangers!
Through sobs I told them the whole story and I totally had an anxiety attack. I guess the realization of losing our home, what’s going on with Kenzie, what’s going on with Maddie, just crashed down on me all at once. They showed nothing but concern and compassion and passed zero judgment. They offered me some contacts of some agencies that might be able to help us. Then they excused themselves. I walked outside, handed my dad the baby, went into the bathroom and cried for half an hour. It was like a flood.
Between our financial woes, telling the painful, bittersweet story of the twins birth, having to explain Morgan, something being wrong with Maddie…it all came crashing down.
Finally, it stopped. When I left the bathroom everyone wanted a play by play of what happened with the appointment, which I did not want to talk about that, or anything for that matter. I was numb.
By 9pm…our entire life had changed.
Howard had came home, with a job offer. A real one that could support our family the way we’ve wanted to for years.
My grandparents, after hearing this news, called to tell us to meet my sister tomorrow and get the money they decided to lend us to pay off the eviction crap and pay our rent until June 1st.
Howard and I held each other as we cried in the kitchen after realizing that everything was going to be ok. And promised each other that this would never happen again.

4/26/08 Flipside
We met my sister today at my niece’s last gymnastic meet. She did very well! I was a very proud aunt. Howard loved watching her, considering he hadn’t been a meet and he adores my niece and nephew like they were his.
We saw a demonstration of what she will be doing next year and my sister looked like she was going to throw up lol. It’s very complicated, but Alyssa’s very talented and I think she’ll do beautifully.
We got the money from her and a huge sigh of relief came over us. No, I didn’t cry again, lol.

4/28/08 Hot blooded
I have been so beyond sick today. 103 fever. Kill me.
Oh, I paid our rent today in my sickened stupor. 🙂

4/29/08 Lawyer
I woke up this morning still feeling crappy so I went and got my parents. Sometimes I love that they don’t work. My mom cleaned my house and took care of Maddie while I was a vegetable.
While I was vegging Howard got some disturbing news about Able Body, the contract labor place he works through. Apparently there is a clause in the contract that states that he cannot go to work for any company he is called out to for that company. If he does then he has to pay a fine, ect.
Well, to make a long story short. He and I both showed up at Able Body that afternoon and demanded to see the contract. They REFUSED to let us see the copy that Howard signed but they gave us a new copy and it said he can not take a TEMPORARY job from any company that they dispatch him to. Umm, not a temporary job here.
This is not the end of this. I’ve already called a lawyer.

4/30/08 No worries
Apparently, we no longer have a need to contact a lawyer.
The company that is going to hire Howard, called Red River Services. They’re a recycling/trash company. He’s going to be doing quality control, assistant project manager and eventually project manager.
Anyway, they BOUGHT Howard’s contract from Able Body. Done. Over.


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