I haven’t been blogging because frankly I haven’t wanted to.

Not much going on. Tons of teething issues and Kenzie has discovered the wonders of online play for kids. She is my child, to the T, omg! lol

Howard’s well…working a ton, as always.

I’m still trying to get a grant or a loan to go back to school with no luck and dead ends everywhere I go! I’m getting frustrated and want to give up, but haven’t just yet.

We have a mini vacay coming up August 1st. We’re going to Houston and spending the night with my wonderful friend Danielle and going to the beach and out to a lunch on the Kemah boardwalk. Then we’re checking into a hotel on the boardwalk and going to my family’s dwellings and having a family reunion/party. I’m looking forward to it, and hope that it will be a GOOD trip and my husband will get his mind off of work.

I’m trying to focus a little more on me. I’ve actually started a skin care regiment {if you knew how often I cared to take care of myself, you’d understand what a big deal this is} along with trying to eat right, exercise {for instance I am sitting here using my thigh master} and completely cut out caffeine.

I’ve lost about 35 pounds and have like 100 to go lol. But I’m proud of myself, because I’M REALLY TRYING! I even told Howard I’m interested in joining a gym! Which I am, big time.

My BFF is pregnant again to her surprise. She thought she was pushing it at two and POP here comes number 3. She’s scared but happy, this is definitely her last pregnancy which will result in her tubes being tied at the end of the pregnancy. So…I think I have my husband convinced to let me leave for a week and a half with Maddie and take care of her, new baby and 2 other toddlers when she gives birth in early March {we’re thinking}. So that’s exciting.

Literally, that’s all in a nutshell lol. I’ll try to blog more often but I’ve been satisfied blog hopping and reading others lately rather then posting in mine.


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