My dad’s been in the hospital since Thursday night. Totally random…

He got bit on the foot by what we found out now was a brown recluse {I got bit by one when I was 2, and have a horrible scar from it on my leg}. The bite quickly turned into a staph infection and not only has he been pumped with the strongest anitibiotics in the world, had surgery to remove the initial point of infection, but he’s been claimed ‘QUARNTINED’ by the state! {I always told him he was contagious, HA!}

As scary as that sounds, he’s doing well. Should get out of the hospital no later then Thursday if the cultures and tests come back ok. The main problem they had was first diagnosing him with the strain if staph he has {which is the staph super bug, you know, the one that kills people} and the poor circulation in his feet because of his diabetes.

Every day he gets better, so hopefully he’ll be home and back to ‘normal’ soon…with a gnarly scar on his foot.

Maddie has therapy in like an hour, so I should be cleaning the house, yeah I don’t care lol. I have so much crap on my mind between my dad, the trip on Friday and my own bullshit.

I’ve always said I have a rich inner life, which I do, but man…lately it’s become annoying lol. I feel like rebeling! Like getting a tattoo or dying my hair a weird color or cutting the crust off my sandwich.

Yeah, I’m hardcore. lol


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