The day started with me being super mom. I got up at 5am, got Howard off to work {yes he had to work a few hours} and got myself ready and finished packing us up. Then after I loaded the car, hubby came home, we woke the children up and off we went.

Kenzie in the car on the way

The drive wasn’t too terrible. Maddie was pissed, no doubt because she HATES her car seat like I hate Ben Stein. Traffic wasn’t pretty either. We finally made it to Danielle’s.

Shortly after we got there and got settled we all piled in the van and headed towards the beach.

Houston Skyline

The Houston Skyline

Getting close

Howard decided we HAD to go on the ferry to Galveston Island {btw, I am about 100% sure that is NOT the correct name of the island, but that’s what I’m calling it}. I didn’t care, as long as I got to take my kids to the beach. Danielle didn’t care because she had never been on the island. The wait, however, to ride the ferry was 2 hours. The kids were PISSED! Not as much as the lovely Galveston people we came across though. We did have a little run in with the locals and the local law enforcement, teehee. We always cause trouble. No biggie though.

Isn't he lovely?

My husband, just being obscene, as always lol

My kiddos

Maddie was PISSED, and yes, that is a pinwheel in Kenzie’s mouth.

Danielle & Becks

Danielle & Beckham, man I wish my kids Maddie would sleep in the car!

Finally we made it onto the ferry! OMG the kids LOVED IT! And, to make it even better for Kenzie, we ran into Autumn…one of Kenzie’s BFF’s from when she stays at my moms.

Driving onto the Ferry

Finally driving onto the ferry!

Danielle & Becks

He LOVED the ferry ride! He screamed when we got back in the car!

Howard & the girls

me & my girls

Yes…*shock* a picture of me lol

Danielle, Me & the kiddos
Our family

And then finally, we made it to the beach!

me & my baby

The water was brown and so dirty! But the beach was IMMACULATE and had tons of good sand!

kenzie was so freakin happy!


The squeal she made was almost in-audible!

This was taken .6 seconds BEFORE a giant wave came and knocked her over and almost had me over too lol

Such a boy! He kept chunking the wet sand at us lol

Such a boy, he kept throwing clumps of wet sand at our legs lol

our feet kept sinking!

Our feet kept sinking!

Couldn't help myself

I couldn’t help myself, she was so oblivious!

And this is how sand got all up in my camera...
she was so entranced

check out those thigh rolls!

Beckham and Maddie sat there and played with those shovels for almost an HOUR, without making a single sound! They had so much fun!! Oh and Maddie did NOT try to eat the sand! lol

My husband, the animal

Yeah, sorry…I said he was obscene, didn’t I?

Art by Danielle lol

God I love her lol

It was long and stressful and Maddie was miserable when we were in the car, but we had a freakin blast, seriously. We stayed up until 3am talking and laughing. Oh and not to mention, I had the best spaghetti and meatballs EVER when we got back to Danielle’s! Yeah, she’s the best, she puts her friends up for the night and feeds us too! I love her!


We didn’t make it to the boardwalk, but that’s ok. It would of been rushed and the Kemah boardwalk is something you just shouldn’t rush. We got stuck in some traffic but finally made it to our hotel, and an hour late, finally made it to my family get together. The second I stepped out of the car I stepped in a HUGE fire ant pile which made my feet swell and cover with whelps for days! I didn’t take many pictures, and I didn’t swim…why? Because the newest member of our family decided he liked sleeping on Aunt Kristin, lol. I gave his mommy a well deserved break…except when feeding time came around…can’t help her there, sorry Lanae lol.

my grandparents & Zachary

My grandparents…in their mid 80’s…I pray I look that good, and am that healthy at that age! And of course, baby Zach.

what we were celebrating

My grandparents 66th wedding anniversary, my Aunt’s 60th birthday, the birth of the latest grandchild and my cousin got married!

My family made it into the pool though and they had so much fun!!!


Maddie & Howard

So, as you can tell…we had a great time. But now I need a nap lol.


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  1. colleen on

    glad you had a wonderful time on your trip 🙂 i love the pics. 🙂 hugggggs

  2. colleen on

    Hi Kristen. i am really glad my meds are working so fast 🙂 when i do the locked posts, i will send you the password. you are one of my dearest friends out here as well 🙂 hugggggggs

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