2nd grade

Last night it hit me like a ton of bricks that Mackenzie was starting 2nd grade. I had a little OCD, some anxiety and I cried. {the first of many within 24 hours, trust me}

I was concerned how our new schedule would affect Maddie, but she woke up a quarter ’til 6! So, we took our time getting ready and headed to school. Maddie and I walked Kenzie in. She was so ‘into it’. She walked straight to her locker and hung her stuff up. Then she realized that her crayons and colored pencils were HERS and no one elses and she looked up and said, BYE MOM. I had to ask her twice to come give Maddie and I a kiss.

I made it out of the school and managed to change Maddie’s diaper {that she filled while we were in the school} before I started crying. She’s home now and said her favorite thing about 2nd grade is quite reading time. She loves 2nd grade.

Oh and if you look at the pictures, you’ll see her new teacher, Ms. Peterson. I’ve known Nicole since Elementary school and now she’s teaching my daughter. 🙂 And she wasn’t kneeling down, Mackenzie is like an inch or two shorter then her, lol. Me and my miracle grow kids, lol.


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  1. colleen on

    they grow up so fast don’t they ? i sent you an email with the pw to my protected post. 🙂 hugggggs

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