I’ve had a lot of those lately.

  • Howard being so damn tired when he gets home that he barely finishes dinner. Needless to say he has spent ZERO time with the girls and I. Selfish as it sounds, I’d really like to be able to at least pee in peace when their other parent is around, lol.
  • Being a woman…read between the lines on that one
  • Summer…I am SOOOOOOO ready for cool weather!
  • Being turned down for financial assistance for school. The classes I want to take aren’t covered by financial assistance. They recommended that I get a personal loan. Yeah, have you seen my credit?
  • Letting myself get all worked up, upset and bothered by things that are completely out of my control {think previous entries and family that for some reason finds me insignificant}
  • Not being able to sleep. 3 ‘sleeps’ and counting.

I need a vacation, or a tranquelizer, or SOMETHING to chill me out. It’s bad when your own thoughts annoy you.


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  1. colleen on

    sorry to hear you are going through such a bad time sweetie. i know what you mean about frustrations. 🙂 hugggggs

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