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It is the first of October right?

My husband is sitting next to me, at his computer and kindly reminded me that Christmas is 85 days away and listening to Christmas Music, I kid you not. And it’s October 1st. Kill.Me.Now. Not that I don’t LOVE Christmas, just not like he loves it {Yule Tide Rehab, anyone?} …the smells, the food, the cold weather, the lights, and the wonderful happiness that radiates from children, especially mine. But, it’s OCTOBER! Barely official right now and he’s already asked me three times {Starting at the end of August} if he could put up the Christmas decorations. Which by the way, we have a TON of, more then we need…but he insists that he needs a ‘Christmas Decoration Budget’ to buy more. Reminder: Kill.Me.Now.

Oh low blow, playing my favorite Christmas songs so I’ll quit rolling my eyes and sighing dramatically over here.

No luck on the job fronts, still waiting, phone not ringing unless you count the telemarketers and the CONSTANT calls for Huck somethinoranother. If you’re that guy…call your Car Dealership about your vehicle warranty, k? They’re annoying me to the point of swallowing the receiver so it would shut up. Well, only for a while, yikes I don’t like where this is going.

Anyway, on my last blog I mentioned how I started the Twilight Series. I am now entering into ‘Breaking Dawn’ the final installment. Yeah, I’m hooked, can ya tell?

Oh and I might add that today is our 9 year anniversary. 9 years ago today Howard asked me to be his girlfriend to make another girl jealous and we started a HUGE uproar of gossip around our small town of less then 4000 people. Not to mention also the anniversary of our first kiss which we did in front of half of our class and cracked up laughing afterwards.

All the times I said yes to him, I’m grateful I did, to that one especially.


As the Harry Potter fanatic I am I was recommended by my dear friend Kimm to The Twilight Series. I read the first book today, my first real ‘off’ day in a while. {Can’t you tell, I read the WHOLE BOOK today!} It was wonderful and I am hooked already. Stephanie Meyer has a  writing style that I find very easy to follow and very refreshing, if I say so myself. I’m already in love with the main characters and I am clutching the second installment of the series, New Moon in my hand right now wanting to start it but knowing I will stay up ALL NIGHT and read it if I do.

And then of course the Twilight movie, which I am now OBSESSING about, lol. It comes out in a few months. As well as another movie with my favorite actress, Anne Hathaway has a new movie and frankly a new genere for her all together called Passengers.

So I’m all excited and plugged into the entertainment world right now, lol. Now if you’ll excuse me, off I go to read New Moon. 🙂

Happy Fall Y’all

In start of my favorite season of the year, I can pray that my stress levels go down and things get better.

See…I feel like a jerk saying that. So many good things are going on right now.

Kenzie has a teacher who is actually LISTENING to me about her dyslexia issues that I see in her. She’s more confident in school now that she’s getting one on one time with teachers in this new program. She’s healthy and happy and way too creative for her own good.

Maddie is running, walking, dancing, trying to climb and saying EVERYTHING!!!! I mean, she is worse then a parrot, more like a tape recorder. She is so intelligent it’s SCARY!

Howard’s good, busy. Looking for a new job, yeah I didn’t blog about that did I? Kinda got involved with Ike and all, but he got laid off again. They said they no longer needed him after he questioned missing hours, missing raise and business ethics. Nice huh?

I’m well. Stressed a bit. REALLY wanting to go back to school. I’m going nuts wanting to learn something new. It’s frustrating when your brain is asking for something and you can’t shut it up. Kinda like a 7 year old wanting a happy meal.

Come on Fall…give me somethin’ good! {To start, get the temperatures out of the 90’s PUHLEEEEEEEZ!}

My child says the darndest things

First the Fishie Incident

Kenzie got to wear her first jeans of the season. She hasn’t worn jeans since March of this year. She looked adorable, so I told her so. Her response was,

Thanks mom, but when I get home I’m going to look like Bulls Eye Jingle!!

Kenzie, what the hell is that {I asked her in between laughter}

Oh…YOU’LL SEE when I get home!

Bulls Eye Jingle…anyone know what in the world that means? Damn.I.Love.That.Kid.

At least the fishies have more room

Is the response to watching the footage of Hurricane Ike and the flooding in Galveston from my 7 year old. After stating the title of this entry, she then raises both her arms in triumph and says, UPGRADE.

God I love that kid.



Well, Ike is going to have a spewing fest on the coast of Texas. This is definitely affecting my family. Here’s how…

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Lack of creative freedom

In 2 ways.

The first being my children Maddie and their her unbelievable way of not letting me near the computer. {Hence, we’re going on hour two of this being open and trying to type these few words!} She is teething, yet again! Kenzie is just so intense in school right now, and we’re only at day 10! She got SO UPSET that she didn’t get 100 on her pre-spelling test today you would of thought she got shot in the foot.

So, needless to say I haven’t completed my first selection of doodles yet. 😦 I’m trying!!!!!

The second being wordpress. Arg. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again…I do NOT have the creative freedom I want. I want to make my own backgrounds and headers and you just can’t do that with wordpress free edition. {And from what I’m told even if I did pay to edit the CSS I’d STILL be pretty limited!} I’m SERIOUSLY contemplating the switch back to blogspot.

Never cease to amaze me…

My chidren that is.

My {soon to be} 20 month old just turned on the dishwasher and turned into a teenager in 4 seconds flat. She turns it on and when Howard goes to turn it off and tells her, ‘NO NO NO MA’AM!’ She looks at him and points her finger and says, ‘NO NO! NO DUH DAD!’ and toddles off to go snap one of her sister’s heabands in half.

At Mr. Gattis this afternoon my daughter beat the crap out of a 17 year old boy in a shooting game. He claimed his gun didn’t work, so she insisted they play again and switch guns, she still beat him. Score.


It’s about time!

I have been digital scrapbooking for quite a few years! I have yet to make my own things. This past year I did create some stickers to use on a scrapbooking project for Kenzie’s school and had great results with it! I’ve always used other’s kits, doodles {which are currently my FAVE!} and things. While, I have a TON to learn {haven’t the slightest idea how to make a full kit} I think I could master the doodles. So…I finally got off my butt picked up my pencil and started doodling! So, I am working on my FIRST DOODLE!

HUGE thing for me!

Anyway~ Wanna see?

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