Lack of creative freedom

In 2 ways.

The first being my children Maddie and their her unbelievable way of not letting me near the computer. {Hence, we’re going on hour two of this being open and trying to type these few words!} She is teething, yet again! Kenzie is just so intense in school right now, and we’re only at day 10! She got SO UPSET that she didn’t get 100 on her pre-spelling test today you would of thought she got shot in the foot.

So, needless to say I haven’t completed my first selection of doodles yet. 😦 I’m trying!!!!!

The second being wordpress. Arg. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again…I do NOT have the creative freedom I want. I want to make my own backgrounds and headers and you just can’t do that with wordpress free edition. {And from what I’m told even if I did pay to edit the CSS I’d STILL be pretty limited!} I’m SERIOUSLY contemplating the switch back to blogspot.


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  1. bananas on

    If it’s creative control that you seek, you’re totally right… blogspot has wordpress beat hands-down. Unless you want to go with and pay money and learn to code!

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