Well, Ike is going to have a spewing fest on the coast of Texas. This is definitely affecting my family. Here’s how…

So you can obviously tell that my grandparents and uncle {who live like 2 miles from eachother. As well as my cousin who lives in South East Houston and one of my BFF’s who lives in North Houston.

My Grandparents are here in a local hotel {They had a choice of 5 guest rooms with family, they chose the hotel}.
My Uncle and Aunt are staying with friends in East Texas.
My Cousin and family are left for Waco {North Central Texas} last night.
My BFF is still undecided.

Oh and because of the path of the hurricane, traffic and the fact that our school district plays hostess to evacuees Kenzie is getting out of school at noon 45 tomorrow.

We should get some rain which we need. Storms, not so much, but hey it’s a package deal.


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