Happy Fall Y’all

In start of my favorite season of the year, I can pray that my stress levels go down and things get better.

See…I feel like a jerk saying that. So many good things are going on right now.

Kenzie has a teacher who is actually LISTENING to me about her dyslexia issues that I see in her. She’s more confident in school now that she’s getting one on one time with teachers in this new program. She’s healthy and happy and way too creative for her own good.

Maddie is running, walking, dancing, trying to climb and saying EVERYTHING!!!! I mean, she is worse then a parrot, more like a tape recorder. She is so intelligent it’s SCARY!

Howard’s good, busy. Looking for a new job, yeah I didn’t blog about that did I? Kinda got involved with Ike and all, but he got laid off again. They said they no longer needed him after he questioned missing hours, missing raise and business ethics. Nice huh?

I’m well. Stressed a bit. REALLY wanting to go back to school. I’m going nuts wanting to learn something new. It’s frustrating when your brain is asking for something and you can’t shut it up. Kinda like a 7 year old wanting a happy meal.

Come on Fall…give me somethin’ good! {To start, get the temperatures out of the 90’s PUHLEEEEEEEZ!}


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  1. Colleen on

    hey. i know what it’s like to be so stressed out. i literally get sick from it. i hope things get better for you soon. i am always here if you need a friend to talk to. 🙂 huggggggs

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