As the Harry Potter fanatic I am I was recommended by my dear friend Kimm to The Twilight Series. I read the first book today, my first real ‘off’ day in a while. {Can’t you tell, I read the WHOLE BOOK today!} It was wonderful and I am hooked already. Stephanie Meyer has a  writing style that I find very easy to follow and very refreshing, if I say so myself. I’m already in love with the main characters and I am clutching the second installment of the series, New Moon in my hand right now wanting to start it but knowing I will stay up ALL NIGHT and read it if I do.

And then of course the Twilight movie, which I am now OBSESSING about, lol. It comes out in a few months. As well as another movie with my favorite actress, Anne Hathaway has a new movie and frankly a new genere for her all together called Passengers.

So I’m all excited and plugged into the entertainment world right now, lol. Now if you’ll excuse me, off I go to read New Moon. 🙂


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