It is the first of October right?

My husband is sitting next to me, at his computer and kindly reminded me that Christmas is 85 days away and listening to Christmas Music, I kid you not. And it’s October 1st. Kill.Me.Now. Not that I don’t LOVE Christmas, just not like he loves it {Yule Tide Rehab, anyone?} …the smells, the food, the cold weather, the lights, and the wonderful happiness that radiates from children, especially mine. But, it’s OCTOBER! Barely official right now and he’s already asked me three times {Starting at the end of August} if he could put up the Christmas decorations. Which by the way, we have a TON of, more then we need…but he insists that he needs a ‘Christmas Decoration Budget’ to buy more. Reminder: Kill.Me.Now.

Oh low blow, playing my favorite Christmas songs so I’ll quit rolling my eyes and sighing dramatically over here.

No luck on the job fronts, still waiting, phone not ringing unless you count the telemarketers and the CONSTANT calls for Huck somethinoranother. If you’re that guy…call your Car Dealership about your vehicle warranty, k? They’re annoying me to the point of swallowing the receiver so it would shut up. Well, only for a while, yikes I don’t like where this is going.

Anyway, on my last blog I mentioned how I started the Twilight Series. I am now entering into ‘Breaking Dawn’ the final installment. Yeah, I’m hooked, can ya tell?

Oh and I might add that today is our 9 year anniversary. 9 years ago today Howard asked me to be his girlfriend to make another girl jealous and we started a HUGE uproar of gossip around our small town of less then 4000 people. Not to mention also the anniversary of our first kiss which we did in front of half of our class and cracked up laughing afterwards.

All the times I said yes to him, I’m grateful I did, to that one especially.


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  1. colleen on

    Happy Anniversary hun 🙂 i can’t believe that your husband is playing Christmas music already. lol hugggggs

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