Lots of mumbo jumbo

I AM WE ARE OFFICIALLY A STUDENTS! On Friday night Howard and I met with an enrollment counselor and got enrolled in COLLEGE!!! Holy Monkey!

Howard’s going for his associates degree in business management. When he’s done with that he’s going to pick his degree of specialization and go for his Bachelors. I am so proud of him! He chose to get his associates degree now, instead of going straight for his Bachelors so he could have the opportunity to work WITH his associates degree while attaining his bachelors. Which makes sense!

I am going straight for my Bachelors. Since I’m already a stay at home mom and just work when needed and volunteer at Kenzie’s school. When I graduate my degree with say something along the lines of ‘Bachelor of Science in Information Technology specializing in Network, Telecommunications’. Woof.

I cannot even begin to tell you how excited I am. I’m also VERY nervous! To start, I’m taking classes at the campus. Then transferring online to do the rest. The thing I’m most scared of is Algebra. Ha! I so suck at math! Howard’s classes are strictly online, which works for him. We’ve both applied for financial assistance and Grants and should hear something by the end of the week pertaining to the status of those. I need to get a laptop ASAP. I cannot imagine having to hand write all my notes for class, so hopefully that moola comes in sooner rather then later. Howard’s classes start October 27th and mine start October 30th.

This weekend we went to see Howard’s family. They had this great little party at a beautiful park and we had a very good time. They were very excited to hear our news {Although most looked VERY disappointed when I said I wasn’t pregnant} and very supportive as well.

And other then that…

My extended family is treating me like I’m insignificant, once again. This does get old. Sometimes I really do with that I didn’t care about their views of me and how they treat me. Is there a pill for that?

Check out pictures from this weekend after the jump

We did this all day, following her around while she ran her heart out!

Nothing’s stopping her

She wanted to eat grass SO BAD!

Karl {Howard’s oldest brother}, Baby Alex {Howard’s cousin’s baby-6 months}

Jaxson {Alex’s brother-see above} His birthday is December 19th and his mom did NOT want to celebrate it share it with Christmas. So, we had an impromptu party!

Howard SR {Howard’s dad}, Ann {Howard’s Grandmother}, James {Howard’s uncle}

Howard SR & Ann

Linda {My wonderful Mother in Law} & Miss Maddie

Howard and his ‘Congrats’ cake

Howard’s parents {These are rare moments, I’m glad I caught one on film!}

The West Boys! Howard SR, my Howard, Todd {He’s laughing because I double named him} and Karl

The original West family-3 generations.
L to R: Howard SR, Linda, my Howard, Todd, Ann & Karl

This was taken the day after the party. These are the faces that she makes when I tell her to smile…

One more thing before I close this. Kenzie got her Progress Report two weeks ago, she had 3 A’s, a B+ and a C+ {in math} and now…2 weeks later…Straight A’s. I’m so proud!!! She’s working so hard. The reason she was not in these pictures because she wouldn’t sit still long enough for me to take them! {She had 3 female cousins ages 5, 10 & 12 to play with}


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  1. Melissa on

    the third pic down….that is the cutest “huh?” look ever

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