Do you know what today is?

Now I honestly forgot about this until I got a call about 10:30am and asked me to come to a support group gathering a few minutes from my house. I went and brought Morgan, her memory box and Madison with me. I’m glad I went.

I was hoping to get enough ‘umph’ to watch the ultrasound tape. It’s something I’ve wanted to do but haven’t since we found out Morgan passed. To see her alive and moving and enteracting with her sister. I’m just not ready yet. Almost 2 years later, and still not ready. You’d think I would be.

Howard had a job interview today that went very well. He hopes to hear from them later in the week. I ordered my books for school and they are on their way. 🙂 I made a ton of other phone calls today as well. I need to do the same thing tomorrow too. I need something to really kick me in the butt tomorrow to get all this crap done so I don’t have it on my to do list anymore lol.

I’m not even reading the Twilight Saga anymore {finished it} and I am still obsessed. I watch the trailer for the movie once a day. I’m so beyond hooked…more like OBSESSED! 🙂

In closing, before you lay your head down tonight please pray or think of those who have lost an infant or a pregnancy. Please also remember that all babies are precious and beautiful, some too beautiful for this earth.

Every good gift comes from heaven above
We were blessed with twins to cherish and love
Born together to grow apart
One in our hands and one in our heart

Mommy loves you sweet angel.


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