Fall fakeout

With the overcast skies.

The smell of Apple, Cinnamon, and burning wood in the air.

The temperatures in the mid 50’s.

The cute little jeans and jacket my daughter’s wearing.

By George, It seems like fall!

In reality, the skies are overcast because the sun isn’t all the way up yet. The Apple and Cinnamon are caused not by something delicious in an oven, but a apple Cinnamon flavored pop tart my daughter requested for breakfast. And the smell of wood burning is not someone’s fireplace…it’s the maintenance staff at our apartment complex, burning a fallen tree.

But of course, that’s the big picture. And right now, I’m going to keep my little view of outside my window, makes me feel like Texas really does have seasons.

Oh and it really is in the 50’s and my daughter really does look cute…see…
Kenzie girl


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