The family; lately

I’ve been meaning to blog, but seriously haven’t had the time. Between the hours of 7am and 7pm yesterday I was home maybe…an hour at the most. Crazy!

Howard got a job! It’s for an office supply company and he does deliveries for them. They mainly provide supplies for pro bono, non profit or local government offices. He LOVES the job so far. He said he barely feels like he’s working because it’s so easy. I guess that’s just what he needs while he’s going to school. Also, the money is not half bad either. He starts classes on the 27th and is a little anxious about it…change…it’s normal. We have orientation this week, so hopefully that will wean a little of the anxiety.

Kenzie’s doing well. She’s the star of the week this week! She’s so excited she gets extra attention, lol. Her grades are doing very well and her reading even better! We are way into the American Girl series of books {which is scary in a way because I KNOW she is going to ask me for one of those $90 dolls…yikes}. I really enjoy the books because they are based around historical events and she learns so much of them. The first one we read was Meet Samantha, set in 1904. All sorts of things had to be explained in that one, and she cried all the way through the book. It touched issues on slavery, segregation, child laborers and rich vs. poor. It was an eye opener for my beautiful little 7 year old.

Maddie is a vampire. No really. She bites, she doesn’t eat real food {I seriously think she prefers blood, mine to be exact} and she doesn’t sleep. I think I need to take her to a doctor, lol. She’s teething…AGAIN. Oh strike the eating thing, she ate a banana and now half of a piece of cheese toast! SCORE! Her newest phrase is, ‘What you doing?!’ It’s more like an accusation then a question. I actually have a video of her jabbering at me. Click HERE to see it.

I’ve been looking for a job, like the other millions in this city. It’s hard to find one that is not only local but will work around my other commitments. The closer I get to starting class the more I tend to regret not choosing to do it online. Nothing I can do about it now though, can I?

We’ve been thinking about moving. Downgrading our payment as well as our house so it won’t be so hard to keep up. I don’t want to leave our house because as a rental house it’s PERFECT in my eyes except we have one connecting wall and the management sucks. The manager here is having some MAJOR FAMILY PROBLEMS and how I totally respect that she has really let the complex go to hell and that’s not ok. They don’t have an assistant manager, in fact that was supposed to be me as of January. Our lease is up as of midnight on December 31st. So we’re looking into a few things but not making any rash decisions. The two places we’re looking into are convenient in every sense of the word. The first choice is RIGHT NEXT TO MACKENZIE’S SCHOOL! The second is the same complex my parents live in. That means that our childcare dilemma would be solved…Nice.

Unfortunately I have to leave now and go over to my parents and be gone all day, yet again. This week is so nuts, I need a vacation. Oh, we’re planning on going back to Sea World in the next few weeks…YAY! šŸ™‚ Mini Vacay!


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