Wake up, time for school!

It’s finally time.

As of tonight, I will start my first class as a student in the Bachelors of Science program at U of P. I’m insanely nervous for no reason at all. It’s just personal anxiety. I have no doubt I’ll be able to pass this class, it’s just the change mainly.

I know I’m going to have to work with and depend on others to do my assignments {U of P does ‘learning teams’} THAT’s going to be a stretch for me, but it something I don’t have a choice on. I have two years of classes on this campus and I need to swallow down my anxieties and pull it together. I know after the first class, I’ll feel better.

And of course, today is the day that my husband decides that I should stop drinking caffeine…yeah freaking right. I need a cup of coffee like now, and I plan on having at least one laaaaaaarge glass of coke later lol.


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