Which cloud is it?

Religion and Politics go hand in hand. That was our topic of discussion on the way to school this morning.

First of all I told Mackenzie who our next president was going to be. She was planning on staying up but passed out HOURS before it was announced. She then recalled everything that she had heard about Obama then she stopped mid sentence. She said, Mommy, he’s the one with brown skin right? “Yes baby, he’s African American”. He’s the first {she paused to make sure she got the term correct} African American to be our president isn’t he? “That’s right” Wow. That is so cool. I went on to explain to her how he won, that it had nothing to do with the color of his skin and all the promises {kid friendly of course} he’s making to help change America and make it a better place. She smiled and said, I bet God is proud of him.

As we headed towards school she looked at the sky, filled with clouds moving very rapidly to show a brilliant blue sky. Kenzie said, Mommy, look God’s trying to sweep all the clouds so he can smile on us. “That’s right hunnie!” Why do people die? “Sweetie, it’s a part of life, everything that is living will eventually die and all for different reasons.” And we go to heaven right? Yes sweetie. That’s where Morgan is, right? That’s right. Which cloud is it? Heaven I mean? “I don’t know angel, I would guess it’s a cloud we can’t see.” Mom, is God happy that Obama is president? “I think he is sweetie. God has a plan for everyone and a purpose for everyone he made on earth. What that plan is we don’t know but he tries to help us achieve it. So, if Obama is following the path that God thinks is right for him, I think he’s very happy.”

Will Obama take care of us? “We’ll have to see.”

If Barack Obama can do half of the things he says he can, I think he’s the best thing that’s happened to America in decades.


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