For the past two weeks I’ve been going to classes once a week, on Thursdays from 6-10. BOTH DAYS when I call when I’m on my way home and when I get home I literally get yelled at.

I am not one to complain about my husband. He’s awesome. But because I haven’t done anything outside the home where he was left with the responsibility of home, kids, ect. since 2004 this is a big change.

It’s one night a week.
I cook dinner BEFORE I leave, and even start the kids on eating.
The house is clean before I leave.
Home work is done and if it’s bath night, I take care of that as well.

Then I leave.

His responsibility is to keep them entertained, make them finish dinner and put them to bed. But for SOME REASON he has decided that is going to be the night that he works really dilligantly on his homework. I told him that he needs to change that and he agrees but he still chooses to do it THAT DAY, WHILE I’M GONE! So, hence when I’m on my way home the past two weeks he was holding a screaming baby (that can frustrate anyone, I don’t care who you are) and trying to do school work and SCREAMING at me because he can’t do it.

I very calmly remind him that it’s one evening a week, and I have to go to school too. I do everything for him and expect nothing except to make our kids finish dinner, keep them alive and attempt to put them to bed before I get home somewhere around 10:20. I am very angry that he makes me feel guilty for being away. It’s working, I feel horribly guilty.

This is going to get very old very fast.


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