blackberry blogging

So I’m lazy and my husband feels like he’s knocking on deaths door so I can’t leave the bedroom.
I talked to my mom today. I called to see how she was feeling. On Thursday she called to tell me she slipped and fell and had been in the hospital overnight because they think she ripped some tendons in her knees. She had a removable cast and crutches. Today she is much better! Walking with no problem and mildly sore.
She wants to talk my dad and convince him to move back in. He’s not interested. I don’t think it’ll take long until he reconsiders.

My financial counselor, and Howard’s for that matter was supposed to call us today about the grants and financial aid that has hit our accounts in the past 6 days. Of course, neither of them called. Howards account shows a refund check being cut already, so we can hope!

Kenzie has started to get the ‘cold’ but she’s handling it pretty well. Maddie has really grasped the phrases ‘you’re welcome’ and ‘I love you’ which just melts me!!!

Ok, my thumb is cramping up!


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