I want to go to Forks

So it was a gloomy and rainy day today…unfortunately not cold but 2/3 isn’t bad.

I am getting into full on twilight mode. Preparing myself for the movie which I really want to go see with my girlfriends from high school. We might actually be in the area on the day it comes out so my dear friend Marcy already bought my ticket in hope that I can make it. I love her, seriously. I really hope schedules work out like we think it is because I reeeeeally want to go! I love my husband and truth be told, when I’m watching Edward on screen I will not be thinking about him at all lol. So I need to be with my other Edward lovers so they can reciprocate my lust feelings.

Christmas has been a big discussion in my house this evening. We’re finalizing our Christmas lists for family members, our girls and our selves. For the first time since our 2nd Christmas together we are buying each other Christmas gifts and allowing the girls to pick out presents for the each of us. I’m excited! 🙂

Totally random thought {that’s basically me in a nutshell lol} a few months ago if you would of asked me if I liked Buffalo Wings I would of gagged and said no way. I am officially addicted. I LOVE BUFFALO WINGS, preferably from wing stop. I haven’t gone a day without having a craving for them.

Great, just what I need…another food addiction, lol!


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  1. Kimm on

    Umm, I want to go to Forks too. I think all my tangents from the other day rubbed off on you. 🙂

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