And why am I being blamed for this again?

Picture it…

-You have a set income from social security disability and a piece of a retirement settlement from your last marriage.
-Your parents pay your rent
-Your parents bought you a car, first with your inheritance so no money out of your pocket once so ever but you let one of your drug dealers borrow it, they ended up keeping it for a month (stealing it basically) and totaling it.
-The money you get from the insurance company, which you’re supposed to go buy a new car with you blow on drugs, alcohol…who knows what else.
-So, your parents bought you a new car, but now you get to choose your monthly payment rate and you have to pay them every month for it. Oh and don’t forget, they’re still paying 100% of your rent.

And now…

2 months, no car payment
All of your utilities are being threatened to be shut off because of nonpayment
You have no money for food or necessities

And because at the beginning of LAST month I asked you to pay me the $200 THAT YOU OWED ME you feel the need to blame ME for your financial problems? You tell my grandmother that you had to pay my rent so we could keep our house to keep her off your back. Then you call me four times when I’m at my daughter’s school SCREAMING at me, blaming me for her threatening to take your car away, quit paying your rent and for telling her the TRUTH (that she didn’t pay my rent, she just paid me the money she OWED me)!!


I am so sick of being drug through the dirt and drama.


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  1. Kimm on

    Do I need to punch a bitch?

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