classy lady

I got home from class a couple of hours ago. I felt so anxious at school, I don’t know what my deal was! There was an amazing presentation by a man who graduated from the University of Phoenix and is in the ‘tech’ business and is amazingly successful! I loved his presentation learning about his life and the challenges life has thrown at him.

No one from my current class is a tech student like me, so they were all bored to tears and I hung on his every word. He noticed lol. My class pratically ran out of the office and I stayed behind to talk to him. I shook his hand and thanked him for his presentation and I remember using the words inspiring and entertaining. 🙂 He said that I didn’t look away once when he was talking and he admired that. After I finished telling him what I was doing with my education he gave me some great advice and told me to keep in contact with him. Can we say…job? lol

Not to mention I got props from my professor for staying behind and waiting to speak with him instead of running out like the rest of the class did. 🙂 {Yeah, I was called teachers pet, screw ’em lol}

Before I left for class I had to deal with some drama at home. My dad left yesterday to go ‘take care of my mom’s issues’ so she would quit calling and freaking out on us. Yeah, like I thought he came over today, right before Howard came home to watch the girls so I could go to class to pick up his stuff. I knew that was coming. Not that I’m not glad to have my house back, but I’m just so annoyed in being drug through their drama.

My mom seems to think now that my dad is back with her that I will just release my children to her, no problem. Wrong-o woman. My issues with her had NOTHING to do with my father! She’s the one who said she needed a break from my children when I had her watch them for 3 hours. She’s the one who kept taking off and leaving my 74 year old father with a screaming, teething baby and a 7 year old in the evening past their bedtime. She’s the one who is being irresponsible with her life, money, health and the company she keeps. She is also the one who called me at 1am screaming, cussing and accusing me of things I had no knowledge of.

I mean seriously, does she think I would just…forget? She has this hold on me thinking I need her. She’s my mother, I love her and I need her to be my mom. I do not need her to watch my children, I do not need her to babysit, I do not need her to give me mommy break. I can deal with that all by myself and I fully tend to!

Howard’s company is going to be hiring a CSR after Christmas and they would like to hire a family member or one of the current staff and because we would have the same hours (that would help TREMENDOUSLY on gas!) I’ve expressed interest.

Ok…I think my husband is about to pass out so I’m going to bed. 🙂


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