We ended up going to Caldwell today and man am I glad I’m home. Trip was good, kids were great until about 3pm. Kenzie had a TON of sugar (Mother in law, grandparents) and got a horrible stomach ache. She passed out shortly after, so did Maddie. When they woke up they were both unhappy and we left. We made it about…oh a mile and a half and Kenzie starting throwing her guts up ALL OVER THE VAN! Which proceeded to get all over the left side of the van, driver side and all. Scared Madison to death. It was a mess.

Maddie cried all the way home. She’s in bed now.

Kenzie didn’t throw up again, but her stomach hurts. She’s in bed now as well.

Let me clarify, we let our kids have sugar. But not much. She is not used to having sugar. Maybe a sucker every now and then and some juice. For the most part she drinks crystal light and eats sugar free Popsicles. Obviously it took a toll on her having orange soda, push pop Popsicle x2, sweet tea, koolaide, sonic ice cream shake and a cherry limeade from sonic. Geez. That makes me nauseas reading that!

Anyway, when we got home, I jumped out of the van and screamed ‘LAND!!!!!’ Which caused a laughing riot from the whole car.

I’m now going to bed because we’re supposed to be joining our church tomorrow at 9am.


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  1. Kimm on

    Poor Kenzie! I hope that you have an uneventful rest of the night!

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